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When I was first brainstorming about my blog, I had a separate page for posts about our family's Catholic Faith and about homeschooling.  But, for our family the two cannot be separated which is one of the joys of homeschooling my children. We have the freedom to create a "domestic church" and discover the many treasures of the Catholic Church together as a family and integrate academics at every moment of each day.  We homeschool because we feel it's the best and most rewarding way for our family to raise saints here on earth to prepare them to meet our Creator when God calls them to their heavenly home.  I have to remind myself often that this is the main reason we chose to homeschool our children as I continue to go through all the ups and downs of homeschooling my 5 children.

My homeschooling journey began several years ago when our oldest daughter was in a public year round school for kindergarten in 2005.  We thought we would try her in this school because we were beginning to build our new home, I had 3 young children then, and I thought homeschooling would be difficult.   I soon realized that fitting my family's schedule into a school schedule was not the best fit for us and I was not at peace.

Also, my oldest daughter loves learning about our Catholic faith and having her gone for most of the day and week in a public school setting was not giving our family a lot of time to pass down the many beautiful teachings of our Catholic faith.  We also knew several families that homeschooled their children and we were friends with them so homeschooling was always an option I was interested in.

I'll never forget when I had my "epiphany" moment to finally dive into the homeschool journey...I took my oldest out of her public kindergarten class to celebrate the Feast Day of Our Blessed Mother's Birthday on September 8, 2005 at a park with the Catholic Homeschool group in our area. It was then I realized where my heart was being lead to do. :)

After the first nine weeks of my oldest's kindergarten year I decided to "try" homeschooling while she was on her Fall break.  I went to school for elementary education so I figured I could teach my own kids.  So that first week of homeschooling our youngest, who was a baby, took great naps and I was able to get some school done with my two older children.  So I withdrew my daughter from her school and we have been homeschooling ever since 2005.

Sacred Heart Academy Homeschool: In the state of NC, you register your home as a school when your oldest homeschooled child turns 7.  The name you select for your homeschool is what will stay on your records through all the years a parent continues to homeschool.  While we were building our new home, we stayed in my husband's deceased aunt's home.  Next door to this house, our neighbors had an outdoor prayer garden with a life size statue of the sacred heart of Jesus.  The photo to the right was taken in September 2006 during my beginning days of homeschooling.  So since I began homeschooling next door to this beautiful statue and for other more personal and sentimental reasons, we named our homeschool, Sacred Heart Academy Homeschool, after the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. There is a remarkable true story of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and  the wonderful promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  You can read more about this saint here or  here.  There are also several books about St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and this one here is one of my favorites.  This book was inherited from a late dear cousin of my husband's who came into the Catholic Church with my husband in 2006.  My husband's cousin, Sharon, and her beautiful son, Patrick, were saints on earth and now in heaven...we love and miss you!

Compassionate Jesus, I remember your gentle invitation to "Come...and be refreshed."  I bring you now all my worries, fears, needs, and doubts-and those of my world.  I entrust to you my loved ones, both living and deceased.  Enfold us all in your love, now and evermore.  Amen.

This image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a beautiful one and a more traditional one that is often found on icons or prayer cards.

There is another print of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that we have hanging in our home.  The painting to the right was done by Cameron Smith, a very talented and wonderful artist, who creates beautiful Catholic and non-religious artwork.  The Smith family (no relation to our family) are dear friends of ours and Cameron and his wife homeschool their children also.  This print, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that is more contemporary, but still so beautiful.

I encourage you to visit Cameron Smith's website to see all his God-given talent.  Cameron Smith's website, titled, "Smith Catholic Art" can be found here.

Posts from the Archives: The following posts are about our homeschool organization, encouragement for moms, homeschool lessons, book/DVD reviews, recipes and family trips since my blog started in June 2010. My hope is that this will be an easier way to navigate my blog posts for myself and any visitors.  :)

Homeschool Organization

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Our 2016-2017 Homeschool Curriculum (8/1/16)

Encouragement for Moms

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Homeschool Lessons

Awesome Links of Homeschool Resources!
Comprehensive List of FREE Catholic Printables  
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"Couch Catechism" Family Devotions (family prayer during our homeschool days)
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Pre-K Posts
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Nature Study Posts
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Art Posts
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Art & History Posts
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History Posts
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Leap Day {February 29, 2016}

Social Studies Posts
Feeding the Hungry

Language Posts
we love "Signing Time!" all the time
7 Quick Takes: Our New Maid, Tim Staples, Outside Fun, I'm a Winner! 
Online Latin Course Vs. Instructional Latin DVDs

Math/Grammar Posts
Scoring Points with Basketball Elementary Math and Grammar Homeschool Lessons!
Falling In Love with Addition! ... Adding "Machine"
7 (very random) Quick Takes: Dragon, Clothespins, Hummus, Spiritual Adoption

Science Posts
Trip to Local Planetarium
(Almost) Wordless Wednesday-Touching a Stingray at Aquarium
Wordless Wednesday - Perigee Moon
Apologia Science Experiments
My Monday Morning Musing about Einstein the Parrot
Garden Challenge Link Up
Beautiful Gardens at our Local Arboretum
SUPER Sleepy, SUPER Snake, and SUPER Savings !!!
A Berry Good Day with Friends!
Oh My! Live SSSSSnake Feedings at Local SSSSSerpentarium!
3D Printer Wrench: Really? What Next? (Science)
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Homeschool Mother's Journal: Summer Edition #2 (bearded dragon and chickens!)
Fresh Eggs for Breakfast!
Hurricane Irene Home Videos and Photos
Balloon Planets
Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Rainbows
Solar Eclipse Experiment and Burning Chocolate!
Mr. Slim Goodbody, Farm, and Planetarium Field Trips
A Day at a (New) Park and I'm a Homeschool Blog Award Nominee!
Wonderful Wednesday: Camp Scenery
Moon Cookies and "G" is for Gingerbread
"J" is for Jellyfish, Solar System Experiments, and Greek Masks!
Kids Gone Wild!
Wordless Wednesday: Robin Eggs
Wednesday Wonder: Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See? 
Turtle Talk
Celebrating 12.12.12 (Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe & Our New News!) 
18 Week Ultrasound! :)
30 Weeks Down...10 To Go!
Baby Shower for Baby #5
Pregnant Pier Pics :)
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The Life of Little Leah...In Her Own Words!
Wonder Wednesday: Cool Cicada!
Our Crabby Afternoon! :-)
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7 Quick Takes: My Birthday, "Smiley Spaces", Disney Picaboo Album, Randomness
Ladybug Lesson, Book and Snacks to Teach the Culture of Life
A Defend Life Lesson From Culture of Life Studies Program
Pro-Life Prints: Lesson 1: Preborn Babies
Pro-Life Prints: Lessons 2 (I Am Unique), 3 (Helping Others), 4 (Praying for Others)

Book/DVD Reviews

"The Little Chapel That Stood" on 9-11-01
Stories for the Homeschool Heart
Making You Laugh with "Stories for the Homeschool Heart"
Recommendation for Great Saint Books for Young Readers!
The Paperbag Christmas, a wonderful book!
Unplanned DVD Review and Giveaway!
500 Writing Prompts for Kids Giveaway for my 1 Year Blogiversary!
Dolphin Tale: The Movie
"180" Movie: Perfect for October, Respect Life Month
Review of Color Me Catholic: New Roman Missal Edition 
Review: Vatican Express Catholic Kidz Camp (June 2012)
Children's Book for Veterans Day and a Soccer Tournament 
Big Hearted: Inspiring Stories From Everyday Families... Book Review
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Book Review: The Ring of Fantasy
Book Review and Giveaway of an Awesome Book: Pope Awesome and Other Stories
7 Quick Takes: Something Other Than God Review, Jumping Baby, etc.
Review: Catholic Kidz Camp (VBS) Parade Around The Our Father (June 2104)
Traveling Through the 12 Days of Christmas: Books that Make Great Gifts!
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Review: "Set Sail With the Holy Trinity" Catholic Kidz Camp Week (June 2015)
7 Quick Takes: Confirmation, War Room, Our Lady of Sorrows, Co-Op, Sunflower Cupcakes, 4H
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Raising Chaste Catholic Men: Book Review and Author Interview
Advent Book Review and Read-Alouds
My Newest EpicPew Post: How to “Be Yourself” According to 8 Memes and a Journal
Review: Tracking Mary: Mysteries & Messages Catholic Kidz Camp (June 2017)


Monday's Meal for Many Mouths- "Crab" PB & J Sandwiches
Hershey Cake Recipe
Got EASY and YUMMY Recipes??? (Baked Ziti, Oriental Slaw, Lemonade Pies)
Monday's Meal: Easy Lasagna the Crockpot
(Organization) System Saturday-Meal Planning and a PB Apple Dip Recipe
Monday's Meal: Easy Spicy Chili in the Crockpot
(Organization) System Saturday- My Wedding Gift and Easy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
Monday's Meatless Meal: Seafood Spaghetti
Hibiscus Tea and Join June's No Ordinary Blog Hop (NOBH) ! 
Yummy and Festive 4th of July Cake!
Touchdown Treats for Super Bowl!
Baby Shower Pics and Recipes
Triple Berry Crisp Recipe....Yummy!
My Super Big Brother and Super Easy Salads
A Friend's Special Baby Shower
Hosting My Little Sis's Bridal Shower with Some Pinterest Projects
Cute Caterpillar Snack 
Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette Recipe 
Chocolate Green Smoothie Recipe
Easy Homemade Brownie Mix
Poppy Seed Chicken Recipe: A Family Favorite! and "H" is for Honor...A great book for Veterans Day!
Rockin' in the New Year with Rocky Road Fudge!
Guest Post: My Chocolate Green Smoothie Recipe
Recipes for Homemade Mac & Cheese and Squash Casserole
Dear Blog: Meeting a Blogging Buddy (again), July 4th, and Edel15 !!!!!! (Red/White/Blue Berries)

Our Family Trips

Wordless Wednesday-Our Family Trip to the NC Mountains (8/4/10)
Camping, Vomiting, and Fun All at the Same Time! (10/10/10)

My Dad, our Hall of Famer! (1/20/11)
Fall Family Vacation: Part Three: Georgia Aquarium (10/3/12)
Great Wolf Lodge Trip and Farewell to Pope Benedict XVI (2/28/13)
10 Things I Learned Going to Disney with My Family of 7... (6/3/14)
Disney Day 1: Magic Kingdom on Monday (5/26/14)
Disney Day 2: Hollywood Studios on Tuesday (5/27/14)
Disney Day 3: Epcot on Wednesday (5/28/14)
Disney Day 4: Animal Kingdom on Thursday (5/29/14)
Disney Day 5: Back to Magic Kingdom on Friday (5/30/14)
Disney Day 6: Downtown Disney on Saturday (5/31/14)
1st Birthday Celebration, Baptism, Big Planes (8/5/14)
Our Blessed Beach Week with Family (9/21/14)
Family Photo Shoot of our Blessed Beach Week (9/29/14)
Our March for Life 2015 Experience in 7 Quick Takes (1/24/15)
7 Quick Takes: Snow, Swimming, and Sickness! (2/26/15)
7 Quick Takes: 7 Reasons Another Blessed Beach Week with Family Was So Special (9/4/15)
Fall Fun: Corn Maze, Birthday, Camping, Visit from Dominican Nuns, TAN Homeschool Post! (10/29/15)
{#WorthRevisit} Marching for Life 2016
Family Fun in MD, PA and MA: The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton (7/21/16)
Family Fun in MD, PA and MA: Gettysburg National Military Park (7/22/16)
Family Fun in MD, PA and MA: Knoebels Amusement Park (7/22/16)
Family Fun in MD, PA and MA: CoCo Key Water Resort (7/22/16)
Family Fun in MD, PA and MA: New England Aquarium (7/22/16)
Family Fun in MD, PA and MA: 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration (7/22/16)

Catholic Links for Kids

Cat Chat
Saints Fun Facts

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