Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: My Son Caught a "Snake!"

Last week, I went to a local park with my Cupcakes and while I was strolling the baby, they rode their bikes through a trail to get to the park.  I spotted a black racer snake on the side of the trail and my son informed me that they are harmless.  My son then went to investigate and caught what looks like a snake, but is a legless lizard.  He knew right away that it was an Eastern Glass Legless Lizard. Here are a few pictures I took with my phone:

Here is a video I took with my phone and on it you can hear me asking again and again and again "What is it? Are you sure it's not a snake?" and then you can hear my sissy squeals :)  Uggh! But, I love my son's love for nature, adventure and God's creatures :) 



Patty said...

Your squeal sounds like what I would have squealed, then screamed! Lol. Boys! That's awesome ;)

Yuck!!! A legless lizard? Really? Never saw one of those. Well, ether way I wouldn't want to touch it! My oldest daughter loves snakes!! And we have a lot around the house! Yuck! Well last summer she finally got bit! (non-poisonous) Scary thing is she didn't learn her lesson!! She worries me, because we do have some poisonous ones around! I'd love to see a legless lizard, I just won't want to touch it!

Hi Patty!
If you saw my video when I first published my post, I'm surprised you were able to view it since it has taken me alllllll day to get the video up and running :) Anyway, yes, boys are awesome and I learn so much from my son with all his nature knowledge :) Thanks for your visit and comment! :)

Hi Jennifer!
Yes, legless lizards look like snakes and I can't remember how my son can tell the difference between to the two. Yikes, your daughter got bit by a snake and she still doesn't run from them? Brave soul! :) Thanks for your visit and comment! :)

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