Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"L" is for Lion and Lamb

Last week for my 4 year old's Alphabet Box we did some activities with the letter "L".   When I got the idea to use handprints to make a Lion and a Lamb from Our Crafts-N-Things, I thought this would be a fun and easy craft for my 4 year old (and my 7 year old always loves to jump in on the fun too!) Here is the post for the Lion and the Lamb that I used to make our own versions.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Ignited By Truth Catholic Conference

This Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012,  I'll be heading to Raleigh, NC for the 10th annual Ignited By Truth Catholic Conference.  I'm very excited to attend this year again as I have been to a few in the past and have always enjoyed the powerful and inspiring speakers!

At Ignited By Truth on Feb. 14, 2009, I met and took pictures with some wonderful Catholic speakers and role models....

ImmaculĂ©e Ilibagiza, author of Left To Tell, signs books after speaking.  I highly recommend her book if you haven't read it yet.  It is a very difficult read and heartbreaking, but her story is full of hope and the spiritual battle that wages against good and evil was so evident in her journey. 

Then I was able to meet and take a picture of Phillip Rivers, the quarterback with the San Diego Chargers.  My husband has followed Rivers' football career ever since he played in college for NC State Wolfpack, our Alma Mater.  It was great to tell my husband that I was spending Valentines Day in 2009 with Rivers :)  He spoke on faith, family, and football as he is a devout Catholic with 6 children.  He said in his talk that he was more nervous speaking at the conference than playing in any NFL game. :)  He also talked about how he and his wife use Natural Family Planning to plan their family size.   That was awesome to hear!

Here's a few seconds of footage I got while Rivers spoke. 

I also met a Holy Heroes "celebrity" at  Ignited By Truth conference last year in Feb. 2011.  I met the oldest daughter, Virginia, at the Holy Heroes/Belmont Abbey College vendor table and I just had to snap a picture of her to show my kids.  It was great to chat with her and her father at the conference.  What an amazing family!  My kids said "Cool!" when I showed them this picture. Our family loves Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure (and Advent Adventure) and you can register your email for free to receive weekly links all about Lent.  I have learned so much along with my children!

Have a blessed weekend and I look forward to learning more about my Catholic faith this weekend at Ignited By Truth Catholic Conference.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

King Cake, Ash Wednesday, Lenten Traditions for our Family

This afternoon, we were blessed to spend time with dear friends and enjoy J.H.'s beautiful and delicious King Cake. From what she tells me it's a true labor of love to make such a treat!  It was beautiful and oh so yummy!  One tradition is to stick a plastic baby (represents Jesus) in the cake and the person who gets the piece with the baby, is suppose to have a year of extra blessings.  My son picked the lucky piece and all the kids were laughing because the baby looks breeched :)


Here are my cupcakes and their friends.  Dear J.H's parents, this picture is for you! :)

It's always fun to search my blog posts from the past to see what I blogged about.  So as to not "reinvent the wheel" I'm linking up previous Lenten posts below. Just click on the title to direct you to the post. 
As we journey through Lent, I hope to be inspired and maybe try more Lenten traditions from other bloggers and families! If you have Lenten traditions to share, please leave your link(s) in comments and I'll look forward to reading them!

Ash Wednesday and the Holy Season of Lent 2011

Magnetic Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross Bags and Pretzels for Lent

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Happy Mardi Gras!

This afternoon we will be heading to a friend's house to eat her homemade King Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, the last day before the Lenten season begins in the liturgical calender.  Pictures of my friend's King Cake will be posted soon....

Here is a picture of the King Cake that I found HERE with information about the meaning behind this delicious tradition. 

I will be posting our Lenten traditions soon since Lent starts tomorrow with Ash Wednesday!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catholic Bloggers Share-A-Thon! Enter to Win!

Here it is! The first ever Catholic Bloggers Network Colossal Giveaway. Prizes total over $350 (with shipping) and up to 16 winners!

What are we giving away?

Thanks to all of the participating Blogs!
Miracoli Rosaries
Mountain of Grace
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Mountaineer Country
Hair Bows 4 Life Bowtique
A Slice of Smith Life   (that's me and I'm so glad I could support this great giveaway in a small way!)
Happy Saints
From The Pews
Catholic Homeschool Support
Through My "I"s
Our Village is a Little Different
Blossoming Joy
My Life's a Treasure
The Rosary Chick
Crafolic ~ Catholic Crafts and More!
Day by Day in Our World
A Catholic Life
Equipping Catholic Families (Arma Dei)
Homeschooling With Joy
Raising {& Teaching} Little Saints
    Go HERE to read more details or enter to win below with Rafflecopter!!!!!!!  
    Hurry! Giveaway ends on Feb. 27!

    Surgery update and "K" is for Kite

    Last week my daughter got her tonsils out due to excessive step and soar throats.  Well, she is doing much better and resting.  She has been eating soft foods like this plate of mac and cheese I made for her.

    And she has been drinking lots of Gatorade and Sprite to stay hydrated.  The nurse said flavored drinks are better than water after tonsil surgery to try to get as many calories as possible into her body.

    Last week, we also continued to work on the Alphabet Boxes with my 4 year old.  We made kites for "K" using cardboard box, construction paper kite, paint and marbles.  My 7 year old also joined in on the art project helping her younger sister roll the painted marbles around to create a fun design on the kite.  Here are some pictures:

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    Friday, February 17, 2012

    My Cupcake's Big Day: Tonsil Surgery!

    Another busy week as always!  This morning Cupcake #1 got her tonsils removed and here we are waiting in the waiting room before her surgery! I'm not sure what I'm looking at in photo!

    We are thankful my other 3 cupcakes stayed overnight with my in-laws so we could get up bright and early and report to the doctor's office.  Thanks H. and P. for keeping our children.  My husband and I had some apprehensions about whether to go through with the surgery or not, but in the end it was good we did.  The doctor said after surgery that her tonsils were twice as large as they should have been and chronically infected....she has had many cases of strep and soar throats in the past too! 

    Just before the IV in her hand and surgery. 
    There's a smile! :)

    Not a happy camper as she got her IV in her hand to prepare for anesthesia medicine to be put in IV. 
    OK, this is not the most attractive photo as she just got out of surgery, and she still had the sleepy meds still in her, but wanted to show my brave girl!  I was going to snap another picture, but the nurse came in and I forgot.  
    She rested today and is following doctor's orders!  I'll have to post another "after" photo to prove that she didn't stay looking so sleepy for too long after surgery! :)
    We look forward to less strep throat and antibiotics! 
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