Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We've had a "Tee-rific" Summer!! Another (Home) School Year Begins...

I always like to start each of our homeschool years at least a week before traditional school begins.  That way during my birthday week I'm not completely overwhelmed and can relax a little to enjoy my birthday.  Since my birthday (August 24) usually falls on the first week of public/private school in my area, I started schooling my children this week and we are gradually getting into a routine as I ease into our schedules.

One of our new school year traditions is to make and decorate a cross-shaped cake the night before school starts.  So our family had fun this past Sunday night baking, decorating and eating our colorful and yummy cross creation.   You can see other cakes I have made for my "cupcakes" here.

Before decorating...
During decorating...
After decorating!

Sometimes little fingers don't like the messy side of decorating as you can see from my 2 year olds reaction
Then on Monday morning we did an activity that I did last year with the children.  We talked about all our fun adventures over the summer and our favorite parts of the summer.  Then my children drew and colored on their paper t-shirts about some things that represented their summer fun.  I got my t-shirt copies from the book,  The MAILBOX: Bulletin Boards For Busy Teachers book for Fall, Winter, Spring, Anytime.  

Here is a link to a free t-shirt printout that is similar to The Mailbox version that I used.  Click here for the printable t-shirt.

After they decorated and colored their t-shirts, they cut them out and "hung" their t-shirts on the clothesline with clothespins that I made on our bulletin board that is hanging in the hallway outside our classroom.

The simple and fun "Tee-rific" t-shirt activity has been a great way for us to transition into our homeschool days!  
I hope to blog soon about how I am getting used to our Workbaskets + Workboxes = Works for 4 (children) organization system.
I have also made new chore charts for my children that are working so far so stay tuned for future posts on these ideas that I hope will be helpful for others!

If you homeschool are there activities that you do on the first day of school with your children to get the year going?
If so, leave a comment!  I always like hearing new ideas!  
May God grant all our families a fun and successful 2010-2011 school year in whatever school setting is best for your family!


Gretta said...

This is our first year to homeschool but I love the fun traditions you do with your children to celebrate the first day. Honestly, this year, all we did was take pictures and not do a lot of work to ease them into this transition. They loved it though and have had no trouble falling into the homeschool routine. I look forward to reading more of your adventures this year & sharing ideas!

Thanks Gretta for stopping by and leaving a comment! My kids love looking back at old photos so I hope to keep taking pictures, but sometimes I don't always have the camera handy :(
Have a blessed year as you embark on your homeschool journey :)

Nice way to start the year:) I need to think of something like that. Will be following your workboxes as I am going to give it a shot this yeat but I am not ready quite yet.

Hi "The Adventurer"! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I left a couple comments on your school room post. Your school pics look great and I voted for you on the Picket Fence today :)
Have a good day!

Unknown said...

These are great ideas! We are planning to do a cross cake for a feast day in Sept. but it is great idea for the first day of school :) Not quite sure what our first day activities will be, I asked the kids but all they came up with were breakfast ideas. I think we will do a first day of school "survey", but haven't quite figured out what that will be!

Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment! Your "survey" ideas sounds interesting. Let me know more details about it. I do have a survey that asks the children questions about their interest/likes/dislikes. Maybe I could do this each year to document how their interests/opinions change over time?

Anonymous said...

What a great tradition, making a cross cake !!! I always admire all the homeschooling moms, you seem to have it SOOOO together :) Your so blessed, your little munchkins are adorable !!!

Unknown said...

Hey Tracy! Thanks for following me! I'm now YOUR newest follower and after this I'm going to go vote for you on Picket Fence - LOVE your blog! And that cake is AWESOME! :) I love the tradition you guys have of making a cross cake - maybe I will have to start something like that when we start Isaac in school :)
Your kids are awesome and it looks like you have so much fun with them :)

Hi Hope!
Thanks for visiting, following, and for the vote :) The kids always have fun shaking, I mean dumping sprinkles on our annual cross cake! This cake is not organic, healthy, sugarless, or wholesome, but lots of fun to make and eat :)

Hi Tammy! Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked the cross cake. It's always fun to make!
Don't let this homeschool mom fool you...I am not always as put together as my blog may portray. I have my not so good moments quite often like all moms :0
Your family is beautiful also and your photography on your blog is quite impressive! Keep up the awesome job!

Tracy, you'll love this idea from one of our Guest Bloggers over at CBHM: http://raisinglittlesaints.blogspot.com/2009/07/first-day-of-school-success.html Great idea plus a super fun way to present new school supplies to the kids to get them excited about the new school year! I love the Cross cake idea...thanks so much for sharing!

Hi "LittleFlower1220" (I love this screen name by the way)! Thanks for visiting and your comment and follow! I did see the post by "raising little saints" and her back to school idea looked great! Thanks for sharing her link with me again!
Have a good day!

Mama to 5 said...

LOVE the cross cake - yummy! Thank you for linking up to my homeschool show & tell link up! Have a great week! :)

Thanks Nicole at "Mama to 3 Blessings" for your link up, visit, and comment! It's always fun to "peek" inside other homeschoolers home for inspiration and ideas! Have a fabulous week yourself!

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