Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank You to "and baby makes three" for my $50 Gift Card!

Some of you may have known that this past Tuesday, Aug. 24 was my 35th birthday!  There were some exciting things that happened on my special day to make it an even more special day!
  • The best thing was that my children surprised me in the morning by hanging up these birthday banners in our kitchen.  They were so excited to lead me into the kitchen with my eyes closed and then they shouted "SURPRISE!" and sang "Happy Birthday" to me!  They were so proud and I will never forget their sweet smiles!  What a wonderful gift that I will cherish always!
  • I went out to lunch with my sister and Mom (thanks Mom for the gift of life!) while my Dad (thanks Dad for the gift of life!) watched my children at home.  Then for supper I went out to eat at our local Texas Roadhouse restaurant where the kids eat FREE on Tuesday nights!  We had a great time as a family and the kids LOVE to throw those peanut shells on the floor at Texas Roadhouse :)  And I didn't have to sweep them up!  Then in the later part of the evening I got to spend time with dear friends and their children!  (Hi MB, it was so much fun to hang out with you, your children, and our sweet friend DM! )  :)
  • On my birthday, I happened to hop on a blog through Bloggy Moms.  The blog post that I found was titled "Today, It's My Birthday".  Well, since it was my birthday, I decided to visit Christelle's blog to read more and it ends up that Christelle at Beloved MaMa turned the exact same age as me on the exact same day!  OK this probably doesn't seem that exciting for some of you, but really, think about it. What are the chances that out of the thousands (millions?) of blogs in blogosphere, I find a blogging mom who is celebrating her birthday with her family and turning 35 years YOUNG just like me?  Be sure to visit Christelle at Beloved MaMa !  I'm sure she'll love for you to wish her a Happy (belated) Birthday!   
  • In the afternoon, I found out through an email from a blogger named Adriana that I won a $50 Gift Card to because I entered a Blog Giveaway on Adriana's blog at and baby makes three and the winner was going to be selected on my birthday!   To celebrate Adriana's "one year Blogoversary", (Happy Blogoversary Adriana!) she was hosting this amazing giveaway! One of my entries was this blog post that I did about the giveaway. I was shocked to win because Adriana had such a great response to such a great giveaway!  (she had about 160 entries!) Winning was a nice surprise and Thank You to Adriana for hosting such a fun giveaway!  I will be spending my Amazon gift card wisely :)  Be sure to hop on over and say Hi to Adriana at and baby makes three and wish her a "Happy Blogoversary!"

This was my first year celebrating my birthday as a blogger (I started blogging in June 2010) and I must say it has a been a memorable birthday for all the reasons stated above!  Thank you to all my family, friends and those in blogosphere for celebrating my birthday with me this year!


Hi! Thanks for joining with us on Boost My Blog Friday! You rock! Sorry it took me a while to get to you, but i am naturally following you now and hope to see you again tomorrow at Boost My Blog Friday!
Plus, don't forget, if you need any help increasing your blog's traffic or easy HTML tips, you know where to come! Happy Thursday!

Thanks "Design It Chic" for stopping by and following back :) I look forward to visiting your blog for design tips! Have a good day!

What a great Birthday for you. I voted for you on Picket Fences:) Your blog looks great for having only started 3 months ago:) I guess I need to kick it up a gear to catch up.

Thanks Anna-Marie! I voted for you today too on Picket Fences :)
Have a good day!

Mom2Seven said...

Tracy, You are so enthusiastic... it is fun to visit! And, you are sweet to reply to everyone's comments! Too bad we are in the same state yet close to 200 miles apart! God bless... +JMJ+

Hi Annita! I'm glad you visit here often! It's always fun to read your comments and I love commenting back when I can :-)
Maybe one day if I'm heading your way or vice versa our paths will cross and we'll be able to meet in person! That would be one of the blessings of blogging!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty cool that we both turned 35 on August 24th! Just think, we've experienced history together at the exact same age over the past 35 years! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!!!!

Hi Christelle, the "beloved MaMa"!
It was great celebrating another year "together" :)
Have a good week and hope lots of readers check out your cute blog and family :-)

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Hello!  Thank you for your Visit!
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