Friday, February 21, 2014

My First 7 Quick Takes...

I'm excited to be joining in on my first (of I hope many) 7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary.

Speaking of Jennifer at Conversion Diary, she will be speaking at the 12th Annual Ignited By Truth Catholic Conference in Raleigh, NC on March 28-29, 2104.  I only live a few hours away from Raleigh, NC so I am trying to make plans to attend to listen to Jennifer speak...(and meeting her in person and snapping a picture with her would be exciting...and make for a great blog post! ;-) ) 
— 3 — 
Lent will be here soon starting on Ash Wednesday, March 5, 2014!  Our family has been a big fan of Holy Heroes Lenten and Advent Adventure for several years now!  Lenten Adventure is a free and fun resource for families to teach children and adults about Lent, Lenten traditions, liturgy, the Mass, and the Easter season!  
It's simple to sign-up...Go HERE to sign-up for free!  It takes just seconds to enter your email address and each week during Lent, Holy Heroes will send links to videos where 8 beautiful Holy Heroes children teach your family all about Lent!  
Speaking of Lent,  I encourage you to join the "Keep Love in Lent" Blog Link-Up hosted by Catholic Bloggers Network with Monica, Chris, Tina, Lisa, and myself!  The link-up is an opportunity to share your Lenten ideas, posts, and traditions.  It's also a way to learn how other families keep love in Lent!  :)  Details HERE
— 5 —
 Yesterday our Catholic Homeschool group gathered for our annual bread making afternoon to prepare for our annual St. Joseph's Feast Day celebration that usually happens on or around the Feast Day of Saint Joseph on March 19th.  It's always a fun afternoon of flour, fellowship and fun!  

My oldest will be entering 9th grade next year and I've homeschooled her since Kindergarten.  So I've been thinking ALOT about homeschooling high school.  The good news is my daughter says she wants to be homeschooled.  The flip side of that is my apprehensions, preparations, and anxieties to make her high school years spiritually, academically, and socially successful!  Do any of my readers homeschool high school?  If so, what tips/advice do you have for me?  Please comment. :) 

— 7 —   
Last, but not least, here is our sweet Cupcake #5 on Valentine's Day, 2014.  She 6 months old and is all smiles and such a joy to be around.  We {heart} her alot!  :) 
Read lots more 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary HERE



Patty said...

All your fears? Totally normal. Everyone has them preparing for HS including myself. I use Seton, and as always, Seton makes it so easy. I was freaking out literally to the last minute, but I followed their guidelines and the rest was a peace of cake. It is no harder than transitioning from 7th to 8th grade. I did spend extra $$ on buying the teacher on disc for Saxon Algebra (not to be confused with DIVE). And, for biology labs, we order kits online, and they come right to our door. Pray! Pray a lot.

You may want to talk to Jen Dunlap who is going through the same thoughts as yourself. Only her son is in 7th grade.

Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions, but know, it can be done!

Thank you so much for joining in! These were great to read. And I look forward to meeting you next month!

Erin B said...

Can we talk sometime about your homeschool group? (This is Erin Buller.) we are trying to decide whether to settle down here (which for now means buy a house), and I didn't know until pretty much five seconds ago that there was a Catholic homeschool group here. We would love to have all of you over to dinner to talk or whatever works best!

Thanks Patty for all your encouragement and supporting words! I'll be in touch!

Hi Jen! I hope to make it to the IBT conference if all falls into place! Thanks for stopping in! :)

Hi Erin! Sure I'd love to talk about HS with you! Hope to connect with you soon! :)

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