Thursday, May 19, 2011

11 Years Ago Today...

11 years ago today we were blessed when we held you in our arms for the first time.  Here you are with Daddy and Mommy when you were just 2 weeks old.

You were 6 lbs, 1 oz., so very tiny, but big enough to fill our hearts and home with love and wonder!  I remember being admitted into the hospital 2 weeks prior to your due date because of preeclampsia. To make a long story short, I was able to labor on my own without being induced and in about 6 hours with no epidural, you went from your dark, peaceful home into this bright, big world!  Your Daddy and I had tears of joy when we saw you for the first time!

I remember crying myself to sleep one afternoon soon after we got home from the hospital because you were so tiny and I was struggling to get you to latch on so I could nurse  you.  Your Daddy woke me from my nap to tell me that he had made a phone call to our local La Leche League and made an appointment for us to see a consultant.  I remember the feeling of gratitude and relief after our appointment because I was soon able to nurse you.  I remember thinking that you have a wonderful Daddy and I have a supportive and loving husband.

I remember how you loved peeking into the bassinet looking at your baby brother sleeping.  You were just 17 months old when he was born. You loved taking care of your little brother and still do!  And now you take care of your little sisters too!

I remember how you loved to dance so much that you would stand in front of the oven and stare at your reflection while you made all your graceful ballerina moves.


I remember that even as a little girl you loved learning about our Catholic faith.  I remember for your First Holy Communion three years ago, we went and took a picture at the same church that I received my First Holy Communion.  I remember thinking "Wow! You really do look like me!"

Today our family remembers how blessed we are to have you in our lives! You are growing to be such a beautiful young lady inside and out. Happy Birthday! We love you!


This is such a nice tribute of your daughters life! Happy Birthday and she is growing :)

Unknown said...

Hi Tracy! Happy Birthday Cupcake 1! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and a great part tomorrow! I know that Tay and I can't wait to see pictures. 11 Years old, wow! I bet you are feeling very proud and excited today as you celebrate. Happy Birthday! Tay loves that you two are the same age.

Tracy, I love all the pictures! What a great way to share your memories with your daughter on her special day. The picture of her peering in on her little brother is too cute! I love it. I hope you guys have a blessed day today, and tomorrow as you celebrate your oldest growing up. I will be thinking of you as you celebrate.


Mom2Seven said...

I agree... a very nice tribute! The pictures are adorable, especially the peeking at her new brother and dancing in front of the oven... she is a beautiful cupcake! +JMJ+

Melissa N. said...

Beautiful pictures Tracy! 11 is a big one!

Delly said...

Beautiful post Tracy. I loved reading every word. It has been fun getting to know Rachel these past two years that I have known you all. She is certainly a special little lady. I wish her a happy birthday and many, many more! P.S.- Did Luke use his sister's pink bassinet? If so, that is another thing that he and Alistair have in common, lol......

noreen said...

Hi Tracy, what precious memories of your daughter! Happy Birthday to her! My son turned 11 a few weeks ago and I can hardly believe where the time has gone. God Bless.

Great Birthday Tribute to your oldest. Happy Birthday cupcake number #1. I loved seeing all the family pictures so cute:)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

Unknown said...

I hope your cupcake had a wonderful birthday. What a very special post. I loved ready about all your memories of her 11 years. God bless you!

HI Kim!
Thank you for the birthday wishes and yes kids sure do grow up fast!

Thank you Kimberly! We've had a great weekend celebrating! Pictures coming soon!

HI Annita!
Thank you for your nice comments! It doesn't seem like it was 11 years ago that she was peeking over the side looking at her baby brother! Time sure does fly when you are having fun raising kids!

HI Melissa!
Thanks for stopping in and commenting! I know, 11 means that it's 2 more years until I have a teenager! Oh boy! :)

HI Delly!
So good to see you in blog land too! Thanks for stopping over to leave your sweet comments! That's funny about the pink bassinet! I was wondering if anyone would notice that my baby boy slept in pink :) I didn't notice it until after I downloaded pic into blog :) The more children I've had the less I care what color they sleep in as long as it's clean :) See ya soon!

HI Noreen!
I know 11 years doesn't seem possible as time races on! That's neat that our children are the same ages! Thanks for your birthday wishes!

Thank you Anna-Marie for your birthday wishes and comments! :)

Thank you Lynda for the birthday wishes! Pics coming soon of her big day! :)

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