Monday, January 3, 2011

A Day In Our Life...Blog Hop

I'm linking this post to A Day In Our Life Blog Hop hosted by Lynda.  Her butterfly blog button is beautiful and creative and her hop theme is a great way to get to know other bloggers a little better.

This past weekend was a busy and exciting one for our family.  We attended a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday night for a couple getting married on January 1st.  What a blessed and wonderful way to start off the new year!  This couple met each other when I introduced them to each other in April 2009.  At the rehearsal dinner I shared a poem I wrote (my husband edited it) for them called "Twas the Night Before the Wedding Day..." which summed up the events of their love story in poetic form from my point of view, the "matchmaker".  Although, I can not take credit for this marriage since it was all God and I was the instrument He used to get them together.  Then I presented the couple with their Servette, Serves and Stores Marriages For A Lifetime! gift that I prepared for them.  They loved it and it was fun to read the poem and give them a memorable and fun gift. My husband, oldest daughter, and I attended the rehearsal dinner while our other children were at friend's houses.  Here we are at the restaurant:

Saturday our family witnessed this couple's beautiful wedding and I got choked up when I saw the gorgeous bride walking down the aisle to meet her handsome groom.  Our oldest daughter and my husband and I had meaningful parts in the Nuptial Mass so it was definitely a wedding we will never forget. Here we are at the reception before my husband and son had to leave early:

And here is their beautiful and delicious wedding cake decorated with pine cones and pine needles.

Here is a picture of the wedding couple with myself and my 3 girls. (My husband and son had to leave before this photo was taken)
Their love, faith, beauty (inside and out) as a couple is magnetic and refreshing and I'm sure their marriage will be a sign of God's incredible love for us here on earth!   And here are the love birds dancing! Oh, they make my heart soar and they bring so much joy to their family and friends!

 Then on Sunday afternoon our homeschool group had our annual Epiphany party.  We had 60 adults and children in attendance and it was great fellowship, fun, and food!  I showed the frankincense and myrrh to the guests that Anna-Marie at Life's Adventures sent me and then the children did a Nativity skit that was simple, but great.  Here are some of the angels dressed up (and a cow too!)

My oldest daughter played Mary and my 6 year old was a shepherdess and here they are in front of baby Jesus:

My son was one of the three wisemen and here are all 3 of my oldest children dressed in their costumes:

In case you need a fast and easy way to make a crown for the Epiphany or any other occasion, be sure to ask your local Burger King restaurant!  I asked Burger King if I could have a supply of their paper crowns and they donated them to me.  I then covered up the word "Burger" with "Jesus Our" so the crowns now read "Jesus Our King".  Our son wore this crown for his wisemen costume and then the other children took the other paper crowns home with them.

Just click on the button below for more details about the fun and relaxed blog hop that Lynda, Anna-Marie and myself are co-hosting for the entire month of January!  The blogger with the most links ups this month will earn a blogger award so link up as much as you want and visit great blogs along the way!


Unknown said...

what a lovely wedding! so nice that you got to be a part of it!

Thanks for sharing your day!

I wonder if I can post multiple Days in our Lives posts... most of my posts this month will be a Day In Our Life.
today we had our first day of J-Term!

Hi Kimberly!
Thanks for your visit and comment! I just hopped over to your blog and left a comment on your fingerprint post :) I'm thinking you can link up as much as you want on the Day in Our Life hop that Lynda at My Heart's Desire is hosting, but you can contact her to be sure :)
Happy Homeschooling!

I love that easy idea for a crown. LOL I never thought of transforming a Burger King crown into a craft project. We could even have the kids add fake jewels, etc.

I also went to a wedding recently, and the groom almost burst into tears when they were presented as Mr. and Mrs. There wasn't a dry eye in the church!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing about the wedding Tracy. It was probably stretching your time, but I so wanted a pick me up. The couple look absolutely wonderful. I am glad you and your family were able to be part of the wedding also.

I really like the idea about the crown. Susan had a great idea too. I voted for you, and I hope you get some rest tonight. Blessings to you and your family.

Renee said...

It's so neat that you're showing your children God's hand in life's most important events and decisions. May the lessons work deep into their hearts! Blessings!

Hi Tracy,
what a lovely wedding:) Great idea for the burger king crown I wouldn't have thought of it:) I so miss being part of a nativity activity for the kids. I haven't found any group here that will to do that here:( There is a real split with church and homeschooling here. Hope you get some much deserved rest you had a very busy but exciting start to your new Year. Voted for you

LJS said...

I love weddings. They hold so much promise. If I had to pick my wedding date over again I would choose a late fall or winter date. We got married on a beautiful but chilly April day almost 14 years ago. While the wedding my only be one day, I hope your friends hold onto that love for a lifetime!

Dawn said...

Lovely wedding! Great idea with the Burger King crowns as well....I love how creative we all are for sharing!

Unknown said...

I cannot believe how busy homeschooling is keeping me. We are having a blast with our new curriculum. I hope you got some rest. Have a wonderful day, and I voted for you.

Hi Susan!
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :) I just visited your blog and loved what I saw! I'm your newest follower, thanks for following mine! Your Greek unit study material looks great! We are studying ancient Rome now. I also liked your candy experiments!

Hi Lynda!
It was fun to post about the wedding since they are such a wonderful couple to highlight on my blog! I hope you are having a great week in school! Thanks always for your visits and support!

Thanks Renee Ann for your kind and thoughtful comment! I do love experiencing memorable, special, and blessed times, like this wedding, with my family. It brings joy to my soul to make memories like this that I hope my children will remember for a lifetime!

Hi Anna-Marie!
I have an start a Nativity activity for your homeschool group/community for next year! :) This would be alot of work, I'm sure, but maybe worth it :) What do you think?
Thanks always for your visits and comments :)

Hi Jessica!
Thanks for your visit and comment! We have been married 13 1/2 years and we had a summer wedding since we met in the summer time. Weddings are full of promise... I just wish all couples could remember this promise for a lifetime.

Hi Dawn!
Thank you for your visit and comment! Glad you liked the crowns :) It is one of my easiest and quickest creative ideas that I have had! I do like Susan's idea of adding fake jewels onto the crown. :) Have a blessed day!

HI Lynda!
You'll have to tell me about your new curriculum sometime since I forget which one you are using.
I'm glad you are liking it!
Have a blessed day!

Hi, Tracy. I'm following back! You have a lovely family.

The Nourishing Homemaker

Thanks Lisa! It's been fun following your great blog!

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