Monday, September 13, 2010

Awesome LEGO Link!

I posted my Wordless Wednesday-Our Lovely LEGO Creations last week and I know that many families LOVE LEGO like our family!  Besides the fact that they get all over the floor and they hurt like C.R.A.Z.Y. when you step on them, LEGOs are really great classic toys that help encourage imagination and fun for all ages!

I am grateful for the member on the Workbox Yahoo group (I'm also a member of the Catholic Workbox Yahoo group)  who shared this link that has LEGO building instructions for Easy, Intermediate, and Hard Levels.

Here is the finished LEGO fish from the Easy Level in the August 2010 Archives:  Cute huh?

There are instructions for each month of the 2009 and 2010 years and each month includes instructions for the 3 different levels!

I know that my children don't always have the EXACT types/color of LEGOs that the instructions call for, but that's OK because they get creative and build with what they do have and they have come up with some wonderful creations using the instructions as a guide.

I feel like I hit the "LEGO jackpot" because I know these fun LEGO activities will keep my children entertained for awhile!  So after I printed out the different creations, I put them in page protectors and I will place them in a binder so I can keep the instructions all together in one place.  Then I can easily take them out of the binder and slip them in my children's workboxes for our homeschool.  Here are a few that I have already printed out and put in page protectors: 

Children (and adults) can build a fish, watermelon, turtle, robot, school bus, lion, lioness, lion cub, globe, ice cream cone, clown, etc. etc. etc.  There are lots of fun creations to make!

For some time now I have been searching the LEGO website, knowing that somewhere there were LEGO building instructions for children in their archives, but I could not find them for some reason.

FYI:  After I saw the link from the Workbox Yahoo group, I went back to the LEGO site homepage and wrote down what to click to eventually get to the building instruction link.  It's not very easy to locate the instructions if you don't know what you are looking for (at least it wasn't an easy find for me) so I thought I would list them here for easy reference:

Go to LEGO homepage
Click on "Products"
Click on the 2nd "Products" page until you see "Bricks & More" at the bottom
Click on "Bricks & More"
Click on "Family Time"
Click on "Building Instructions"
Click on "Monthly Building Instructions"

Now I see why I had so much trouble finding the instructions :)

Anyway, I hope you find the LEGO links and this post as useful and as fun as we have!

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awesome! my ds loves loves loves legos. thanks for sharing!

Voted for you today. I wish I could get my kids interested in legos. I bookmarked the site and will give it another try:)

Hi Blossom!
Thanks for your visit and comment! I'm glad this post will be useful :)
Have a good week!

Hi Anna-Marie!
Thanks for the vote and I clicked a vote for you today too :) Hey, if you pay us a visit I'll get my kids to hook your kids onto LEGO ;)
Have a blessed day!

Kylie said...

That is a cool site isn't it, glad you are enjoying it. :)

Hi Kylie!
Have you been visiting this LEGO site for awhile? Do your kids enjoy it too? :)
Thanks for your visit and comment!
I loved your fairy craft post and it's on my "To Do" list to get the supplies for my kids to do it. They would love it :)
Have a great day!

Rebecca said...

This looks awesome! I need to include more LEGO activities for my boys...they spend hours building with them...and I think with this, I can be more purposeful! Thanks for hopping by from the hop today! I'm following you now, too!!!

Melissa N. said...

Thanks so much Tracy for the post. I am going to print some out right kids are playing with them as I type this morning! Rock on momma!

Kimarie said...

I'm heading over to that link, too - we all love LEGO! I even just gave our Duplos away because even my almost-4-year-old daughter prefers LEGO.

Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop.

I loved LEGOS as a kid! I haven't introduced them yet to my kids. May have to consider this as a Christmas Present!

Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop! Have a great day!

Joy said...

I never knew that they had building instructions on the Lego site. I will need to check that out. My kids love legos! Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop!

Unknown said...

We love legos here too, and yes it really smarts when you step on them. Thanks for the award, Tracy. I clicked a vote for you on your Picket Fence. Your moving up!!!

Mom2Seven said...

Hi Tracy! As always, I voted! Guess what my 6 y/o son is doing right now? Playing with LEGOS! I told you, he is a LEGO freak! He likes k'nex, too. I will check the above out! Have a good one! +JMJ+

I'm looking forward to my kids being old enough for Legos - hours of fun to be had! :)

Stopping by to say "Hi" from the Hip Homeschool Hop!
I just wanted to introduce myself as the newest member of the HHM team - I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

- Ashley Pichea

Melissa N. said...

I could not get any of them to print 8( I would click print and a blank screen would come up...did you have problems?

Unknown said...

This is a great resource and a great idea! I think it would be a great gift idea too. A binder with lego ideas and a box of legos! What mother wouldn't love that ! :)

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your visit and comment! Thanks for following me on Networked Blogs too! I hope the LEGO links are helpful and fun!
Have a blessed day!

Hi Melissa!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I'm sorry you haven't been able to print out the LEGO instructions! I know when I click on "Download", a screen asks me if I want to open the file with Adobe Reader 8.2. I click on "OK" and then the pictures and instructions come up and am able to print from here. Is this the same thing you are seeing? Email me through my Profile page if you still have questions. I hope this information is helpful!

Hi Kimarie! Thanks for your visit and comment! Yes, my girls love LEGO too! I just stopped by your blog and left a comment :) I enjoyed "meeting" your Pod which includes your 9 beautiful children! Bigger families than mine are an inspiration to me! Have a blessed day!

Hi Amy!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! LEGOS are fun aren't they? I just stopped in and said hi on your blog and left a comment on your "grateful" post!
Have a great week!

Hi Joy!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I just visited your blog and I am your newest GFC follower! Have a great week!

Hi Lynda!
As always, thanks for your visit, comment and support for my blog :)
I hope you had a blessed day with your mom and son!

Hi Annita! Thanks again for your visit and comment! I hope your children like the LEGO link! Thanks too for your continued support for my blog! God bless!

Hi Ashley!
Thanks for your visit and comment! I just hopped onto your blog and left a comment on your recent post! I am your newest GFC follower! Your children are beautiful and it sounds like you have so much fun with them teaching them :) I probably should know this, but what does "HHM" team stand for? Just curious!
Have a blessed day!

Hi Jen!
Great gift idea with the binder and LEGO pieces combo! I just left a comment on your post about your funny conversation with the telemarketer over the phone! :) Thanks for the chuckle :)
Have a blessed day!

Hi there! Any chance you still have these? I am trying to find a lion and a school bus LEGO instructions. They don't have these still on the LEGO website. :(


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