Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am blessed with My First Blog Award

Since starting my blog in June 2010, I have received so many beautiful blessings because:

...sharing my faith, family, and other areas of my life that I am passionate about brings joy to my soul. Yes, I am blessed and blogging has been a way to document all the good Lord has done for me!

...all the wonderful emails in my inbox and comments left on my blog are great blessings on my blog journey!

...I have been inspired and encouraged by other bloggers and I hope my blog will also be a source of inspiration and encouragement for visitors that stop by once or daily. It's always a blessing to be encouraged and to inspire others!

...I love to meet other people and hear their stories so blogging has been such a great way to connect with others around the world and learn something new after I "meet" them on their blog and through their blog posts.   My family and friends (in and out of blog world) are true blessings!

Another blessing that I have received since blogging is that Marie at The Things We Find Inside and Raphael & Dawn at Just Married with Coupons and Lisa at All things Gale and Carmen at Closer to Lucy all think that my blog is "award worthy"!  Each blogger gave me the same award within 2 weeks of each other!  

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about blog awards.  We all want to know that our blogs are being read and followed and are blessing others in some way, but is it necessary to have blog awards to recognize this?  But, on the other hand, it is fun to share some blog blessings through these awards and pass on the love to other bloggers.

With that being said, I am flattered and grateful that I have been nominated and awarded my first blog award from Marie, Raphael & Dawn, Lisa, and Carmen.  There are so many wonderful blogs and to have fellow bloggers name my blog as one that deserves recognition is a blessing !  Be sure to visit Marie at The Things We Find Inside , Raphael & Dawn at Just Married with Coupons  , Lisa at All things Gale and Carmen at Closer to Lucy !

So here are the rules for accepting this award...

1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered.

3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they've been chosen.

 So I am passing on this award to the following great blogs: (in no particular order)

1. Anna-Marie at Life's Adventure
2. Lynda at My Heart's Desire
3. Kylie at Our Worldwide Classroom
4. Jen at Following the Footsteps
5. Amy at Together For a Reason
6. Adriana at and baby makes three
7. Ann Marie at The Domestic Jock
8. Tammy at Mommy Life with 5
9. Jen at Forever, For Always, No Matter What
10. Ginger at Ginger-Snap-Shots
11. Jenny at A day in the life...the little things
12. Angela at Blog Mommas
13. Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii
14. Lacy at Catholic Icing
15.Tiffany at A Bloggy Mom

Thanks again, Marie, Raphael, Dawn, Lisa, and Carmen for this lovely award!   The best part about getting this award is that I am able to tell others about the 15 blogs that I have listed above.  Sharing lovely blogs via my blog is a great blessing for me!

Remember,  you can click on the Picket Fence button below (or on my right sidebar) everyday to vote for my blog.  If your blog is in the Picket Fence Directory, let me know and I'll click a vote for you! I love visiting other blogs and voting for them too!
1 click = 1 vote for "A Slice of Smith Life" 


Anonymous said...

congratulations on the fabulous award !!!! Well deserved, I enjoy stopping by your blog and reading your posts :)
I'm so honored to have been picked by you to receive this award too !!! Happy Happy Day :)
Blogging is so much fun and I've gotten to know so many wonderful moms through blogging
Hugs and enjoy your Sunday !!!

Jen said...

Congrats on your first award! That is always exciting!! And thank you SO MUCH for passing it on to me!! I LOVE getting awards but I am awful at passing them on! Thanks again for thinking my blog is lovely!!

A well deserved award for you, Tracy! You DO keep your corner of the blog-o-sphere looking so lovely :)

Thank you so much for passing it on to me!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Tracy! I feel honored to have gotten to know you through our blogging experiences. What a blessing you are, and thank you for passing it on to me.

Congratulations, Tracy for your well deserved award. WOW, thanks for passing on the award to me. It has been fun reading your posts and getting to know you and so many others in blog world. I will be checking out the other blogs you recommended:).

Congratulations on your award! I'm happy to have found your blog because, while I'm not Catholic now, I went to Catholic school and still have a love for Catholocism. I'm actually thinking of going to a Catholic church. Wrote about St. Denis on my blog today (just a littlel blurb - have always loved his story).

I am here for the Sunday blog hops and am following you via google reader. I hope to see you at Dropped Stitches.

xo Erin

Unknown said...

Congrats on the award and thanks for passing one along to me! I have enjoyed "meeting" you very much :) Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy,

Congrats on the award again. You deserve it so very much. I just voted for you at Picket Fence blogs as well. Catch you later. :)


Dawn Lopez said...

Hello!!! We are your newest followers! We hope you will come visit us at, Have a great day =)

Tammy said...

Congrats on your award Tracy. Thanks so much for stopping by today and introducing yourself. I loved your visit! I hope you will come back often to read and visit. I am your newest follower by the way. I love how cheery you blog is. I see you are a newer blogger...isn't this fun? I started in Dec 09 so I haven't been doing it for long either but I am loving it! Thanks again for stopping by...can't wait to get to know you better! Have a great week!

Thanks Tammy at "Mommy Life with 5"!
It's been fun passing on this award to you! Enjoy and have fun sharing it with other bloggers!
Have a blessed Monday!

Hi Jen at "Following the Footsteps"
Thanks and have fun sharing the award with other bloggers! It's always so much fun to share lovely blogs with lovely bloggers :)
Have a good week!

Hi Amy at "Together for a Reason"
Thank you and have fun passing on the award to all those blogs you think are lovely :)
Have a blessed day!

Hi Lynda at "My Heart's Desire"
Thank you for your comment and email :) I just sent you an email back . Your "Red Marbles" story on your post today is what life is all about! Thanks for sharing it! Have fun continuing to bless others with your life and blog posts and award :)
Have a blessed day!

Hi Anna-Marie, "The Adventurer"
Thanks and enjoy passing the award to other lovely blogs you know :)
I just sent you an email this morning and clicked a vote for you too!
God bless!

Hi Erin at "Dropped Stitches"
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I'm glad you are learning more about the Catholic faith and I wish you many blessing as you continue your faith journey! I will hop onto your blog sometime today and visit :)
Have a blessed Monday!

I will continue to reply to everyone's comments on this post, but now I need to get ready for my homeschool day...
I'll be back soon! :)

Tiffany said...

Congratulations! I've been following you for a few weeks now, about the same time I started my blog. You really hit the nail on the head: blogging really allows a person to focus on all the great things going on in their life. I have truly enjoyed it, I enjoy reading other blogs as well.

Hi again Erin!
I just stopped over at your blog and I am your newest GFC follower! Love your blog and it's a Shabby Blog too :) I left a comment on your most recent post. The story of Saint Denis is interesting! Thanks for sharing! I also left a link for you for the Saint books that I read to my children. They are great!

Hi Jen at "Forever, For Always, No Matter What"

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy passing on the lovely award! I tried to get on your blog and I keep getting redirected to a domain site. I tried visiting your blog via Google Reader and it won't let me go to your blog. It wants to redirect me? So I'm not sure why I can't visit your blog? Hmmm...Anyway, while I was trying to get to your blog I came across another one with your same blog name and the family adopted like you! Kelly is her name and her blog address is:
I thought that was interesting that I stumbled upon the same blog title as you and the family has adopted too :) You might want to drop in and check out Kelly's blog!
Have a blessed day!

EC Gefroh said...

Congratulations on your award Tracy! And, thank you very much for giving it to my blog.
God bless,

Hi Marie!
Congrats again to you too and thanks for passing on the award to me! It's been so much fun passing the lovely award onto others!
Have a good week!

Hi Raphael and Dawn at "Just Married with Coupons"!
Thanks for your visit and comment and follow! I just stopped by your blog and posted a comment and I'm your newest GFC follower :)
Have a great week and happy saving!

Thanks Melissa at "Melismama"!
Thanks for your visit and I just posted a comment on your Letter "C" post! What fun!
Have a good week!

Hi Tammy at "Tammy's Two Cents"
Thanks for your visit, comments, and follow! It's always fun to visit and "meet" new bloggers :) I look forward to following your blog!
Have a great week!

Hi Tiffany!
Thanks for your visit,comment and following! I can't access your profile to find your blog. I would love to visit it. Do you mind giving me the address to your blog?

Hi Jessica at "Inspiring You to Save"
Thanks for your visit and comment! I will have to catch your blog hop another time as it is late now, but thanks for letting me know about it :)
Have a great week!

Thanks Esther, A Catholic Mom in Hawaii!
Have fun sharing the award with others :)

Have a blessed week!

Kylie said...

Thanks for thinking of me. You are doing so well with your blog. :)

Hi Kylie! Thanks for your nice comment!
You were one of the first blogs I followed when I began my blog this past summer. I appreciate all the help you have given me on my blog journey, especially when you assisted me with my first giveaway after I won my first giveaway via your blog! Your blog has wonderful ideas and it looks like you and your children have so much fun in your "worldwide classroom"! Thanks for sharing all your ideas and crafts with us.
It was great to tell you "thanks" by passing on the award to you :)
Have a blessed day!

Ann Marie said...

Congrats on your award, Tracy, and thank you for choosing mine as an awardable blog!!!! The Domestic Jock has been an awesome experience for me and I am encouraged to keep the journey going strong!!!

Hi Ann Marie! I just got your email! Thanks and enjoy your award! It's been fun passing it on to other bloggers :)
Have a fun football season!
God bless!

Dawn Lopez said...

Thanks so much for the lovely post & the sweet "shout outs" to us! We really appreciate it! Congrats again! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! =]

-Dawn & Raphael

Thanks Dawn & Raphael!
Thanks for your visit and comment!
Congrats on your award also for your lovely blog! I think it's awesome that you blog and save as a married couple! This definitely is one way your blog is unique and special and I wish you continued success with your blog and saving $ !
Have a great week!

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