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Disney Day 5: Back to Magic Kingdom on Friday (5/30/14)

We enjoyed Disney Day 1 at Magic Kingdom, Disney Day 2 at Hollywood Studios, Disney Day 3 at Epcot, Disney Day 4 at Animal Kingdom, and on Friday, Disney Day 5, we went back to Magic Kingdom to do the rides that we weren't able to fit in earlier in the week.   Like all my Disney blog posts, it is really difficult to capture all the fun and memories in just a few favorite pictures so this is just a glimpse of such a great week and a huge, fun park like Magic Kingdom!

The day started by racing off the monorail to the gates at Magic Kingdom an hour before the park opened...

Just minutes before they finally opened the park, a train came by on the top of the entrance that had all the Disney characters dressed up and they were dancing and waving to lively music.  We didn't get to see this grand entrance on Monday when we first went to Magic Kingdom since we arrived at the park after this happened. 

While we were waiting for the park to finally open, we were talking to a family behind us in line that were telling us about a new ride that opened this week called Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  So many people were wanting to get on the new ride and all the Fast Passes were taken for the ride.  We didn't have a Fast Pass for it so we wanted to get to the ride as soon as possible so we wouldn't be in line for long.  We went through this crowd as we were practically shoulder to shoulder and Disney workers literally held the crowd back by forming a line and holding a rope so there wouldn't be a stampede...

We got to the Seven Dwarfs ride and were one of the first people to get on.  I waited with the baby while my husband went with the four older kids and then we got a Rider Switch Pass so I went on right after my husband was done with his ride.

One of my daughters and I got on the front car and I snapped a picture of the view.  One part of the ride has the dwarfs singing and treasure chests are full of jewels. 

About 20 minutes after the park opened the Seven Dwarfs ride had already a 2 hour wait so getting to the park and ride early was worth it!

One of the fondest memories of Magic Kingdom when I went as a child was going on the "It's a
Small World" ride.  So our family rode this together and I think I loved it more than them :)  I loved watching our baby take in all the sights and sounds...

Then we happened to see Jessie from a Toy Story so we got in line for about 10 minutes to get a picture with her.  This was the only Disney character we met and took a picture with the entire week, which was fine with our children since they wanted to go on as many rides as possible, instead of wait in line to meet characters.  :)

We loved Space Mountain so much at the beginning of the week that I rode it again with two of my daugthers...

When we went to Magic Kingdom on Monday we weren't able to watch the "Festival of Fantasy" parade in the afternoon because of stormy weather, but we were able to watch the parade on this day and I'm so glad we did!  The floats and costumes were amazing!  My son especially loved the dragon from Sleeping Beauty that blew out real fire! 

We didn't stay at Magic Kingdom on this day as long as we did at the beginning of the week so as soon as the parade was over we again beat the crowds and got to our car fast.  Before we went to our car we slipped into a gift shop and snapped this picture of our little one who turned 10 months old on May 30.  She wanted to pull her Minnie Mouse ears off so I was trying to hold her hands during the picture.  We didn't buy the hat, which is another great way to save money. Just use the gifts as props, snap a picture, put the prop back on shelf, and then walk out of the store.  :)  Yeah, I'm that frugal :)

Our family was sad to say good-bye to Magic Kingdom and Disney World when we left the park on Friday afternoon, but we were looking forward to visiting Disney Downtown on the following day since my Cupcakes found out there was a LEGO store there.  :)  

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Chris said...

That 7D ride looks amazing! What fun...sheesh, you guys had a ball!

Great idea to snap a pic with the hats and such and not buy...we did something similar at the shop where you exit the Pirates of the Carib ride. Oh my gosh, I think that shop was the fave of my boys...they did not want to leave. In fact our Christmas card pic that year was the two of them in pirate hat/Capt Jack Sparrow garb sitting among all the pirate-y stuff! ( and we never bought anything either ) Not the Cind castle or any big WDW icons..just pirate stuff!
Great pics...Loving your travelogue!

Mary said...

It sounds like y'all had such a wonderful time! Smart move to get on the new ride first thing!!

Hi Chris,
Thanks for stopping by once again friend! What a special memory you have of your boys at the Pirates gift shop. Great idea for a Christmas card photo :) So I have one more post to write and relive our trip... :)

Hi Mary!
Thanks for stopping in and commenting! It was a good time and as time consuming as it is to write these Disney posts, I love reliving the trip as I download the pictures into the posts! :) Makes me want to go back to experience the fun and magic again! :)

Julie said...

Loved reading about your Disney week. We live an hour from Disney and my oldest son works at Space Mountain. We are a Disney family. We love Mary Queen of the Universe as well and usually attend Mass there 6-7 times a year.

Hi Julie!
Wow! I can't imagine living so close to Disney and visiting it often. That would be really awesome to be able to go frequently, especially to beat the crowds (if that's even possible). Mary Queen of the Universe was beautiful, though I'm disappointed we forgot to visit the bookstore since I heard it was huge! Oh well, just another great reason to visit FL again! :) Thanks for your visit and comment! :)

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