Thursday, June 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes: 7 Reasons Why I Haven't Posted in 7 Days 
So my last post was last week when I posted about my 10 year old daughter turning 10 on June 10th!  Before that post I was busy blogging about our memories during our Disney Days. So reason #1 why I haven't posted in 7 days??  I'm just now getting over "blogger burnout", meaning after my Disney posts and my daughter's birthday post tribute, I felt compelled to take a breather from updating my little corner in blog land. :)
Speaking of my daughter's birthday, the 2nd reason I haven't posted in awhile is because we were busy celebrating her special day!  On her birthday, my mom and sister (who was visiting from out of town) took my daughter to horse back riding lessons where she got to groom the horse also.  Then at night we played a family game of bowling with my sister and parents and went out to eat.  

A few days before the birthday celebrations, I was able to attend my first priest ordination Mass for a young man who was ordained at our church.  It was a beautiful Mass!  The picture above shows how the line of priests goes up to the newly ordained priests and exchanges a hug of congratulations and welcoming into the priesthood.
As mentioned above, my younger sister visited last week and she brought her sweet baby boy.  It was so fun hanging out with my little sis who is now a Mom!  This was the first time we met the new addition to the family and we snapped some cute photos of my little girl giving her new cousin hugs and kisses and acting unsure about what to do with the little guy!  It was alot of fun to watch her around him! :)  
Reason #5 I haven't posted in awhile...Father's Day was last week and I was busy celebrating this special day with my Dad and the fabulous Father of my fab five!  We cooled down and relaxed at my parent's neighborhood pool for Father's Day. 

Beach or blogging???  Hmmm...let's just say it's been so difficult to sit down to blog during the day while enjoying the hot sun, surf, and sand and then I'm too tired at night to actually sit in front of the computer to blog.  This picture of our littlest one was taken last week during a soccer tournament on the beach that my son and one of my daughter's played in over the weekend. 

And finally reason #7 for my blogging break...we finally had a birthday party with some of her friends for my 10 year old turning 10!  It was on the beach and she didn't want a cake made for her this year.  Rather, she wanted to make ice cream sundaes with a few of her friends.  It was great time to swim and celebrate with our daughter who hit the double digits!

For more Quick Takes visit Conversion Diary.

Have a blessed weekend! 


Chris said...

Aw, all good stuff!
Great pictures. Love the Father's Day shots and your daughter's bday celebrations too. What lucky kids you have!!

Wow, I love seeing your pics with your Dad. It's so amazing to see friends enjoying their Dads still. I love getting a glimpse at Father's Day gatherings in honor of Dads and hubbies. I so wish every Father's Day that my dad was still here, but the next best thing is seeing friends spending time with and appreciating their own Dads. THIS Father's Day was kinda tough here at home...prep for three huge state high school tests this week pretty much took over last weekend. We celebrated around all the studying, flashcards and etc..... will have a little grad "party" when Kev gets home from his last test this AM.I just put a cake in the oven and did some decorating and wrapping of a few little things for him and I thought I'd take a break and check out my favorite blogs that I get in my inbox every AM...or almost every AM....yours included, of course.
I've not blogged in one week either. Life has taken over. I thought I'd do a 5 Min Fri today, but no dice. Can't get to it.

Thanks for the fun post and great pics. "See" you online later!

Patty said...

You have been super busy! Taking a break from the unnecessary always feels good, (but it is always nice to see your happiness pop on my blog feeder!)

Mom2Seven said...

Tracy! I am exhausted just reading your posts! ;) Wishing you a happy weekend! <3

Hi Chris,
Thanks always for stopping over and leaving such encouraging words. I'm so sorry you are missing your Dad :( So happy for you that the tests are done and you have a graduate! :) Hope you are having a blessed week!

Hi Patty!
I keep saying life will slow down when...BUT for some reason life doesn't ever slow down :) Thank you for stopping in to read this post and I always enjoy visiting your blessed and happy corner in blog land as well :)

Hi Annita!
Always great to hear from you and "see" you in my com box :) I'm exhausted reading my posts too :)mainly because it's usually late at night that I am able to write on my blog :) Hoping you are having a blessed weekend!

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