Thursday, February 10, 2011

LEGO Mania Link Up

Melissa at Joy of Home Educating is hosting a fun LEGO Mania Link Party. Click HERE for more details.  So I thought I would join the fun and share some creations my children have made.

This is a ship my 9 year old son recently created that he says is ready for battle. 
He named it "The 118 Star Destroyer"

Close-up shot of the front of 118 Star Destroyer

Close-up of the middle of the ship

And this is a close-up of the back

Here are some LEGO creations my children made awhile ago and I included these pictures and blogged about them HERE:
" A Man Roasting Marshmallows"

"The Eagle Statue"

"My Jewel Jeep"

This past December, my family went to Enchanted Christmas Gardens and there was an awesome LEGO display there.  If you click HERE and scroll down my post a little you can see some cool LEGO displays that our family admired. The church below was just one of many creative creations:

There was a church

Do you know of this Awesome LEGO link?  Click HERE to read my post about where you can find different instructions to build LEGO creations!

For my son's 8th birthday, we had a LEGO party.  I made LEGO cakes and had LEGO candy!

And one more great LEGO you know about LEGO Quest Challenges?

What is LEGO QUEST?  Find out more HERE at the LEGO QUEST blog.

I have been a subscriber to LEGO Quest for awhile now and we receive emails about the next challenge.  My kids decided to participate in the latest quest which was to take these 30 blocks....(doesn't have to be exact colors) and make a creation.

This is what my 2 oldest children came up with using the 30 blocks above:

"Empire State Building" built by my son

"Mini-Castle" built by my oldest daughter

Please join Lynda, Anna-Marie and myself for February's No Ordinary Blog Hop (NOBH).  You can link up any or all your posts for the entire month of February.  The blogger with the most posts will be awarded a Star Blogger Award.  Click below for details!


Sam said...

Wow, wonderful LEGO post! Thank you for the linky love! So glad your kids are joining the LEGO Quest Kids fun.

WOW these are fantastic!!!

Great creative creations with the legos! I wish mine would love building with them but they just aren't interested. I am going to show them your children's pictures and see if it gets the creative juices flowing:) Voted for you have a great day!

Melissa N. said...

Tracy, thanks so much for linking up to the Lego Mania party. Thanks for all you do for blogland too! Melissa

Unknown said...

i love this page - i followed, i subscribed, and I liked! ;)

an avid fan here on. lucky i found this through bloggymoms!


Unknown said...

Your children are very creative. My son is stuck on just making war planes and cars. Thank you for the links. I voted for you yesterday and today. Sorry I didn't leave you a comment yesterday as it was last minute and I was tired.

I know you understand, but it is nice to return your kindness. We are having a great weekend, and I am trying to catch up on some rest. I hope you are too. ;)

Renee said...

My nephew built a ship that might give the Star Destroyer a run for her money! LOL

Unknown said...

Hi Tracy. I hope you have had a restful weekend. I voted for you.

Thanks Christine for your visit and comment!

Thanks Sam for visiting this LEGO post and thanks for all your hard work in hosting the LEGO Quest for Kids fun!

Thanks so much Kim for your visit and comment!

Hi Anna-Marie,
Maybe your kids will get into LEGO and if/when they do start saving the pennies since they are expensive, but we think well worth the cost and hours of creative play!

Hi Melissa!
Your LEGO link up party was fun! Thanks for hosting it! Thanks for your comment and visit!

Hi Caroline,
Nice to "meet" you in blog land! Thanks for stopping by, commenting and following! I will be visiting your blog too!

Hi Lynda!
I hope you enjoy the links and that's great your son loves to make planes and cars! Maybe he'll be an engineer one day! Thanks for your visit and continued support!

Hi Renee Ann,
The battle is on :) LOL That is, if my kids don't destroy the Star Destroyer before it gets to your nephew's ship! Thanks for stopping by!

Cool, awesome creations. I also love to design awesome creations using Legos. Check my blog Cool Lego Creations

Great blog "My lego creations"! Love your Lego creations! Way to go! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

Inger said...

Hi Tracy
Thanks for a wonderful post, some great resources there.
I love the idea of Lego Quest and am so happy that it is still going strong after a year. Am off to check out some more of your Lego Links :0)
The Brick Life

Hi Inger!
Thanks for stopping in and commenting! LEGO Quest has been a fun thing to do with my kids! I love the creations they come up with using their imagination! I clicked on "The Brick Life" and you have another great LEGO resource. I will post the link soon when I post my kid's latest creations!

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