Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LifeSaver Ornaments

Several years ago I found a creative way to make ornaments using LifeSaver candies.  I saw this idea in the Kraft Food and Family Holiday 2004 issue and we have made these ornaments for a few years now.  Yesterday we had some neighborhood children playing in our house and everyone started fussing with one another so I ripped open the LifeSaver bag (they don't call them "LifeSavers" for nothing! LOL!)

 I put aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and Preheated the oven to 325 degrees.  The kids unwrapped their candies and made their designs.  

After we built the designs, I found it easiest to put in a metal ornament hook in one of the holes of the candy before putting it in the oven so the candy melts around the hook.
I made the wreath below with green ones then I crushed some red ones and put them in the holes before placing them in the oven.   Here are just a few of our designs.

Put the designs in the preheated oven for 3 to  6 minutes until melted.  Once they are melted, pull them out of the oven and let them cool before carefully pulling the aluminum foil from the back of the ornaments.

From the picture below you can see the hooks that I had put in the holes prior to baking.  The candy melted around the hooks.  These ornaments do break very easily and can be sticky (especially if your children lick them like mine did once they were cooled off!), so be careful with them.  A lot of our ornaments did break :(

When the ornaments cooled, I tied a red ribbon around the hook and hung them to our light wires in our kitchen with another hook like this:
I think they look so lovely with the light coming through them!

I am linking this CHRISTmas craft post up to Kylie's "World Wide Classroom" CHRISTmas Fun Party Week Three.  If you want to get more CHRISTmas crafts/ideas and link up your ideas to spread good cheer and fun, visit World Wide Classroom!
 Our Worldwide Classroom

I give Joy to the World when I do fun CHRISTmas crafts with my children and their friends!


Melissa N. said...

Tracy, again you amaze me...way too cool and yummy to eat!

Hi Melissa!
After the kids hands have been all over the candy, they aren't too appetizing to me, but that didn't stop the kids from licking them :) They had fun and it is a cheap way to make nice ornaments :)

Melissa N. said...

LOL I am sure! I just put your button on my blog...thought i had it, but I did not...so I do now!

Mom2Seven said...

Another very cool idea for kids! My nephews were over today and helped us make the pretzels and the bark. Then everyone was satisfied that they got to help and were off to the playroom, so I could do some serious baking!;) I absolutely am doing the lifesaver ornaments tomorrow with my kiddos! Thanks, Tracy! +JMJ+

Unknown said...

Great idea and looks like a lot of fun. Thank you for the heads up on the typo. Voting early today have much to do today. =)
(I'm not sure why your subscription box looks like that, but it is different. It still works fine so I wouldn't worry about it. I know the perfectionist in me would be going nuts also.)

Patty said...

Oh! Now THAT is just darling!

Great idea, I am going to a Christmas party today will be taking this idea with me:) Kids will love it. Missed today with the voting sorry lots to do:)

Maureensk said...

This is such a great idea! I'm going to send hubby out to battle the crowds and buy lifesavers tomorrow!

Thanks Melis for putting my button on your blog! That is so sweet of you :) Have a Merry and blessed Christmas!

Hi Annita!
I'm so happy you were able to make the "Bua bark" and pretzels :) Glad you had fun with the lifesaver ornaments too :) Merry Christmas!

Thanks Lynda and I'm glad the email subscription works, despite it's appearance :) Have a Merry Christmas!

Thanks Patty for your visit and comment! They are so cute and easy to make, my kind of combination :) Have a merry and Blessed Christmas!

Hi Anna-Marie,
Were you able to try the Lifesaver ornaments at your party? If so, I hope everyone had fun with them!

Hi Maureen!
You sound like me, sending my hubby out for just "one" more thing :) I hope he survived the crowds and traffic to bring you some Lifesavers :)

Kylie said...

oh wow these are fabulous!! They look and edible YUM!! Love life savers!

Thanks Kylie for your visit and comment! I hope you had a merry CHRISTmas! :)

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