Saturday, October 30, 2010

Keep "Hallow" in Halloween

OK, I know I posted on Friday that I would have a busy weekend and no time to post, but I just found this great post on Lacy's blog at Catholic Icing called Keep "Hallow" in Halloween that includes a  Pumpkin Prayer while carving your pumpkin. 

We just carved and decorated our pumpkins tonight with our family and I didn't see the prayer in time to use this year, but I will be sure to look back on this blog post next year and say the Pumpkin Prayer with my family. Thanks Lacy for the inspirational post to encourage me to keep "Hallow" in Halloween with my family!
Here's some close up photos of our pumpkins on our porch.  We cut out a vampire look for the "Daddy" pumpkin and for the "Mommy" and 4 "cupcake" pumpkins we used Mr. Potato Head pieces that I got free last year from our local craft store:

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Hi Tracy, you're up late just like me I see. I love the prayer will save it for next year also. have fun with the kids trick or treating:)
I voted for you:)

Unknown said...

I absolutely adore your pumpkins. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family this weekend. I clicked votes for you today.

Tiffany said...

Hi Tracy~ Just popping over to say hello...your blog is lovely! Adorable pumpkins. I just loved that prayer that Lacy posted... We used it too;-) God bless your Hallowed Feasting!

Hi Anna-Marie!
I hope you had a fun night trick or treating!
I clicked a vote for you tonight!

Hi Lynda!
Thanks for your pumpkin comment and we had a great and busy weekend!
I clicked votes for you tonight too!

Hi Tiffany!
Thanks for your visit and comments! I just hopped on both of your wonderful blogs and left comments! I also follow both of your blogs now! It is so nice to meet other Catholic homeschool blogging moms who bless me with their wisdom and ideas to make me a better wife, mother and teacher! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family, ideas, and life's adventures with so many!
Hope you had a blessed Halloween!

Mom2Seven said...

Very cute pumpkins! I love Catholic Icing... great blog! Happy All Saints! +JMJ+

LeeAnn said...

Great pumpkins! I especially like the one-eyed one. I hope you had a great weekend!

So cute! We actually never got around to carving our pumpkin this year. Isn't that crazy? We were going to do it yesterday afternoon, but somehow it slipped through the cracks. Oh, well! ;-)

sara said...

Tracy, thanks so much for visiting my blog (8aplenty) and for the follow! I was able to follow you back! Thanks also, for your sweet words about my family! We are VERY blessed. I do not homeschool and I so admire you for doing it. I lack the confidence for it. I have looked into it and talked about it with my husband a lot, but I am too chicken. I am afraid I won't be good at it! Thanks again!

Hi Annita!
I hope you had a wonderful All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day with your "pumpkins"! Lacy does have wonderful things over at Catholic Icing! I'm amazed by her creativity and wonderful faith filled crafts and ideas!
Hope you are having a blessed week!

Hi LeAnn,
Thanks for your visit and comment! This one eyed pumpkin is my son's and when I suggested the one eye he said, "cool!" So boy for sure! :)
Hope you are having a blessed week!

Hi Lacy!
You make me feel better since you stated that carving the pumpkin wasn't checked off the "to do" list this year! In years past, I have not carved the pumpkin either because time slipped away for us too! As many wonderful projects you do with your children, I'm sure pumpkin carving will not be missed this year. Thanks again for the pumpkin prayer that I hope to say next year...whether I get around to carving a pumpkin or not ;)

Hi Sara,
Thanks for coming back to visit, leave your comment and follow :) I look forward to following your blog as well !
Have a blessed week!

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