Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Star Wars Birthday Party

My son just turned 9 and he wanted a Star Wars themed birthday party.  Star Wars is something I know very little about.  I don't know if I have ever seen any Star Wars movie all the way through (shame on me!)  because I'm not all that interested in it, although I appreciate the creative storyline and characters. I must say I learned quite a bit about Star Wars this past week from my son by asking some simple questions over and over again, "Is he good or bad?" and "Is that ship a good one or bad one?"

To set the tone for the party, I found the wording of a woman's creative Star Wars invitation on the internet and just changed the name and address information, added some clipart and printed out  invitations from my computer.  All the parents thought I had come up with the wording and I told them that the internet has everything on it, including the perfect script for a Star Wars invitation! If you would like me to send you the script of the invitation via email, please Contact Me HERE.

My wonderful husband said he would help me make the cake and plan the party with me and that is what he did! In fact, he did most of the work! 

My son said he wanted a Millenium Falcon (that's a good ship) cake so I went on the internet and found the blog, Chefdruck Musings,  for tips and inspiration. Then my hubby got to work by cutting out a cardboard outline of the ship and baking 2 Funfetti 9x13 cakes:

 My son was so excited about his cake he stayed up with us to help!

We used an empty applesauce container for the cockpit on the side of the ship.

Here is a close-up of the cockpit and we put a Luke Skywalker LEGO figure in it before icing the cake.

My husband iced the Millenium Falcon cake with store bought cream cheese icing  and then we mixed in Wilton's black coloring to get the gray color.

Millenium Falcon cake that our son helped decorate with LEGO pieces on the top.  The black circles are small soft Oreo cookies.   Surrounding the cake are chocolate TIE-Fighter (bad ship) cupcakes.

Since we had white Funfetti cake for the Millenium Falcon, I also made chocolate cupcakes, colored the icing gray and used clipart from my computer to print out TIE-Fighter pictures and attached them to toothpicks.  This has always been my favorite way to decorate cupcakes!  It's easy and cheap to print out images and tape them to toothpicks!

When all our guests arrived, my hubby gathered all 15 boys to begin the Jedi In-Training challenges.  My husband listed all the activities on a sheet of paper and went over the challenges and rules before they began.
I can't figure out how to link the  "The Jedi Council Needs YOU! trials here so if you would like me to send you the list via email please Contact Me and I will send you the file.  

My husband entertained our Jedi's in-training for well over an hour with the 6 trials.

The last challenge was to defeat Boba Fett because he wanted to capture Hans Solo.  So the boys used stun grenades (black water balloons) to try to bring Boba Fett down.  Here is my hubby dressed up as Boba Fett which the boys LOVED and they LOVED bombing him with stun grenades!
Boba Fett had his own weapons hidden under his cloaks as he fires with his water gun in this photo.

In the end, Boba Fett was taken down and never reached Hans Solo!  The Jedi's in-training are now JEDIs!

To congratulate the Jedi's on a job well done, each one received a Star Wars bag that I made for them.
I got the Star Wars clipart from the internet and glued it on the bag.  I crossed out "In-Training" in red marker  since the Jedi successfully completed all 6 trials.  Then I put in a can of silly string, some of the "astroids" that they found on the hunt, which were lollipops wrapped in aluminum foil, and a Mega GLOstick light that I found at Costco, but you can also find them on Amazon.  I also had Star Wars trivia pages in the bag.

My husband was so involved with planning and facilitating the party and having so much fun with the boys that the moms and dads in attendance asked him if he had fun celebrating his 9th birthday over again! With his hard work and our teamwork we were able to have a fun Star Wars party for my son and  friends!

May the force be with you!

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Unknown said...

"Cupcake #2" has the best parents on the planet. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. You did pretty good for not knowing that much about Star Wars. Thanks for all the links and ideas. I clicked votes for you. Have a blessed day.

Melissa N. said...

what a great cake! We did the Star wars theme 2 years ago and my friend did an R2D2 cake..I am not as creative as you guys...It looks like an awesome birthday! Rock on!


Unknown said...

Wow! this is great! My Star Wars loving boys would be so thrilled. Way to go.

Patty said...

Holy cow! I love how your hubby helped with so much of it. I liked the expression on your son's face as he and his buds were looking over the cake.

Angela said...

What an AWESOME idea for a child's themed birthday party. Loved all the pictures too.

Mom2Seven said...

Absolutely awesome, Tracy! You know I share your passion for creating and decorating cakes... I am going to keep this cake idea in mind! Have a great day! ~~Annita

Anonymous said...

Wow Tracy !! It looks like a fabulous time :)
I love the Star Wars theme !!

What a great party. It so great your husband helped so much, it looked like a lot of fun. SOmething your son will remember. Love the cake very creative:)

I always forget to add I voted for you on both sites:)

Hey! That is soo creative!!! Looks like he had a fun birthday party!!

I am here to tell you that you won my feature spot for this friday!

Please email me at mommyonlyhastwohands(at)gmail(d0t)com

Hi Lynda! Thanks, we had a blast and I learned more about SW too :)

Hi Melissa!
A R2D2 cake sounds like fun too :) Thanks for your visit and comment! Have a great day!

Thanks Jen for your visit and comment :) Have a blessed day!

Hi Patty!
I like this photo too as it looks like our son is admiring his parent's hard work and enjoying his big day :)

Thanks Angela! My husband usually takes most of our birthday photos, but he was too busy running the party so I had the video camera in one hand and my digital camera in the other. I didn't take as many or as good of pictures as I would have liked, but oh well!

Hi Annita! Let me know if you have a SW party. I would love to see pictures especially of the cake :) Have a blessed day!

Thanks Tammy! Everyone had a fun afternoon thanks to my husband's hard work, creativity, and his wonderful wife ;)

Thanks Anna-Marie! It was alot of fun and I don't think anyone will forget Boba Fett dressed up and being tackled to the ground! Thanks for the votes and I voted for you today !

Hi Heather!
It was a fun and memorable party! WoW! Thank you for the Friday Feature spot :) What a lovely surprise! I'll be in touch with you!

Unknown said...

WOW!!! That is the coolest cake I have ever seen. That party will forever be etched in his mind...or you have to top it next year :) Good luck with that!!!! HAHA!!

HI Lisa! Thanks for your visit and comment! I know, trying to keep up with my own cake creativity makes each birthday a challenge :)but it is fun in the end! Have a blessed day!

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