Thursday, September 16, 2010

we love "Signing Time!" all the time

Last month in August, Rachel Coleman, the founder and creator of Signing Time!, came to my hometown to perform and Coleman's great concert was sponsored by a local autism group.  

I don't know if you have heard of Signing Time! before, but all my children love the videos, including Baby Signing Time!  My 2 year old loves the videos so much that she was crying when we had to return one of the Baby Signing Time! videos to the library! 

All 4 of my children,  have learned so many signs with Coleman's fun, entertaining, and educational videos.  I'm excited that they are learning sign language and having fun at the same time. No one is deaf in our family and we don't know anyone personally who is deaf, but my children may meet someone one day who depends on sign language for communication.  I think these videos will encourage my family to try to communicate with someone through sign language.  Learning American Sign Language has many benefits for all children of all ages! 

Coleman's story is inspiring and during her performance I was getting choked up as she was tearing up telling her story about her first born, Leah, who was born deaf, but the family didn't know it until after Leah was a year old.  You can read more about Rachel Coleman's inspiring story and learn more about her 2 beautiful daughters, Leah and Lucy, here.

Here are some pictures I took during Coleman's performance:

Then after the performance we were one of the first people in line to meet Rachel.  It was a great night for all!

While sign language is beneficial for every child, Rachel confesses a more personal goal. She says, "My hope is that everyone will know a little sign, just as most people know a little Spanish - so when your child sees my child at the park, there would be no awkwardness, no communication barrier, just three signs... "Hi ... friend ... play'... that is all it would take to change her world."

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Dawn Lopez said...

That is so awesome!

We are stopping by to letcha know that we gave you an award!!!

Mom2Seven said...

Hi Tracy! We are familiar with Signing
Time. Until Marin (two this past June) started talking well (stinker has been talking in full sentences since she was about 19/20 months old), she used signing a lot. She still uses it some while she's chattering a way! My other kids have picked up on it, too! Have a nice evening! +JMJ+

I haven't heard of this probably because we are overseas. Will look into it as my DD wants to learn sigh language. I voted for you today.

Unknown said...

These are such great videos!! We have a daughter with a speech delay and these have been so helpful to us and her siblings. We are concentrating on learning more again this year as we work our way along The Alphabet Path. What a treat to see her in concert! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Wonderful post! I have always believed that children should learn sign language. Not only does it help with finger dexterity, but it opens doors to a whole new world of experiences. Children should never feel left out, especially the hearing impaired. They are very special people. Thank you for sharing their story!

Thanks so much Raphael and Dawn for my blog award! I'm so excited to receive the same award in the same week! What an honor and blessing! I added your names and blog link to my award post!
Have a good weekend!

Hi Annita!
That's neat that your daughter uses the sign language with your other kids! It's so much fun to learn and I have always loved seeing how the our spoken words are represented through signing with our hands and facial expressions!
Have a blessed weekend and happy signing! :)

Thanks Anna-Marie! I hope your daughter learns alot of signs if you decide to purchase these videos!
I voted for you too!
Have a good weekend!

Hi Jen!
Thanks for your visit and comment again! That's so good to hear how sign language has benefited your daughter and other children!
Have a blessed weekend!

Hi Lynda!
I agree wholeheartedly with your comments! We were blessed to see Rachel in concert, an experience I hope my children will treasure always! It was so amazing to see some hearing impaired children at the concert. They were watching a sign language interpreter while Rachel was speaking and my children were amazed by how fast the woman could sign. The smiles on the hearing impaired children's faces were priceless as Rachel invited some up on stage to help her sign some songs. They really are special and beautiful souls, as you mentioned!
Have a blessed weekend!

Lauren said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! I did the same for you! We thought my oldest sign as a baby and will do the same with my youngest when hes ready. I never used these movies though, I took sign in college and just thought my kids what I know. Maybe I'll check our library for them.

Hi Lauren!
Thanks for your visit and comment and follow! Taking a sign language course sounds like fun :)
I hope your library has some copies of Coleman's DVDs. One of our libraries only has 2 Baby Signing videos.
Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I love Signing Time. We have checked many out from the library and I am hoping to implement them more into our workboxes this coming spring.

Unknown said...

Hi Tracy -

My kids too L-O-V-E Signing Time! In fact, there's a classroom edition available that is wonderful. It's a little pricey but WELL worth it!


Hi "Shelbz"!
Thanks for your visit and comment! I'm discovering that many people love Signing Time videos! I think they are valuable because they are DVDs that are fun, but teach so much :)
I just left a comment on your recent post about your geography plans! Fun!
Have a great week!

Hi Natalie!
Thanks for your visit and comment! I'll have to check on the classroom edition since I haven't heard of it before. Thanks for letting me know about it!
Have a super week!

I am visiting from the Homeschool Hop and want to congratulate you on your blog! I only just started in May myself, so I know the challenges!

I agree, Signing Time is awesome. I bought several a couple of years ago and my youngest (who is 8 now) loves them. I'm not saying he is becoming an expert signer, but I believe explosure to language of any kind builds new pathways in the brain and helps our kids to learn.

Keep up the good work!

Hi Anne! Thanks for your visit and encouraging comments! I just stopped by your blog and left a comment on the review you did for the Writing program you recommend. I will keep this program in mind as my oldest enters 6th grade next year :)
It seems like so many people love Signing Times! because they are wonderful videos. I'm glad you have enjoyed them too!
I saw on your blog that you have 4 children, like me, and you started Homeschooling when your oldest was in first grade. I started homeschooling also just after my oldest daughter entered kindergarten. I look forward to reading your blog posts!
Have a great week!

Jenny said...

We love the Signing Time DVD's. I don't feel too guilty when I need the little kids to watch something while I focus on the older kids. It's amazing how much they pick up so quickly. We also purchased the CD full of the songs that we listen to in the car.

Hi Jenny!
Thank you for your visit and comment! I know exactly what you mean with the not feeling guilty if my children are in front of Signing Times DVDs :) We have a CD too that we play in our car.

I just stopped over at your beautiful blog! Your photos are amazing and your family is adorable :)

Have a great day!

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