Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Great Year in Cub Scouts!

Earlier this year, my son participated in his Pack's Pinewood Derby race in Boy Scouts.  If you aren't familiar with the Pinewood Derby race, it's when each boy gets a block of wood and 4 wheels and then they cut the wood (with the help of parents, of course) to make a car and then the cars are raced against one another.   My son enjoys spending time with my hubby to design and make the car and then paint it.  It is a time consuming process and there are a  bunch of rules and regulations, but it has been a fun experience for my son. 

For the second year in a row, my son's car came in first for his Den and first overall for his entire Pack.  Here is my son's car during one of the races.  His is the red one on the far left of the track. 

My son was a very excited to get the 1st place trophy for his winning car for his Pack!

Since he won in his local Pack, he qualified for the District race which was against all the Packs' cars in our local area.
My son's car is the red one on the far left as it gets ready to race in one of many rounds.  The process to race all the cars is time consuming, and exciting at the same time.

In the District race, my son's car came in 3rd overall against all the cars in his Den in the county! He was very excited to place in the competitive derby!

Here' our family after the District race

After my daughter's 11th birthday party this past weekend, we headed to my son's Cub Scout Graduation ceremony where my son graduated from WEEBLOS I to WEEBLOS II.  At the beginning of the ceremony he wore his blue shirt that he has worn for several years:

Then during the ceremony each boy changed into his tan Boy Scout shirt and crossed over the bridge to a higher rank in Scouts.  Here is my son with his tan shirt walking across the bridge:
My son has enjoyed his many years in Cub Scouts so far and we are proud of all his accomplishments! Can you tell? :) 

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Unknown said...

This is very cool. Congratulations to your son! That is quite an accomplishment for him. I have been voting. Have a wonderful Wednesday. =)

Melissa N. said...

WOW Tracy that is cool! I actually had a tear looking at him walking over the bridge in his new shirt..lol...once a mom...always a mom...lol

Congrats on his first place win!!

Mary said...

Yay!! Congrats to your son!! One step closer to Boy Scouts- where it is a whole new world!

My little guy crossed over this week from Tiger to Wolf -I will have the details in my weekly report tomorrow.

Unknown said...

HI Tracy! What a great accomplishment for your son. You should be very proud. That is awesome! I love the pictures of his holding his trophies, he looks so very proud. Oh, I have to add that I love your daughters pink cowboy boots in the family picture. I want pair, for myself! What a great picture of your son crossing the bridge to his higher rank. I can't wait for my son to be old enough to start his journey with the Scouts. Thanks for sharing your precious memories and I hope you have a wonderful day!

HI Lynda! Thanks for the congrats and for stopping in. He was so excited to win again this year!

HI Melissa!
Thanks and it is amazing how fast our little ones grow up! :/

HI Mary,
Thanks and congrats to your son for his Scout accomplishments!

HI Kimberly!
You are very observant (another thing we have in common) to notice my daughter's cowboy boots in the photo! She loves those boots! Thanks for stopping by and for all your nice comments!

Congrats to your son for making it to third place on the Derby races county wide, that is impressive!!! He looks so proud of himself crossing over the bridge and being a Weeblo II. Bradley missed his cross over:( hopefully we will be around next year for it.

Thanks Anna-Marie! My son was so excited about the races! I hope your son gets another chance to attend a cross over!

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