These are photos of the many cakes I have made and decorated over the past 15 years for my 5 "Cupcakes".  If you would like to know more details about each cake, click on the name of the cake.  Thanks for viewing and sit back and enjoy a slice...of Smith life!

Cute as a Bug Cake

 Clifford, the Big Red Dog Cake
Cross Cakes

Before decorating

After decorating

Little Mermaid Cake

Ice Cream Cone Castle Cake
Guitar Cake
Elmo and Cookie Monster Cakes

Hammerhead Shark Cake
Dinosaur/Dragon Cakes
Snake Cake 

Bug Cake and Frog Cupcakes

Treasure Chest Cake

 LEGO Cakes

Millenium Falcon Star Wars Cake

Bathtub Cake

Elmo Cake

Pumpkin Cake and Turkey Cupcakes
Pretty Pink Doll Cake

Pool Ice Cream Cake and Pool Cupcakes

Princess Castle Cake

Soccer Cake and Cupcakes

Horsin' Around at Gymnastics Birthday Party 

"10" Birthday Cake

Here is the cake before decorations:

Then I scanned in photos of our son and the birthday cakes that I have made from the past 9 birthdays, printed them out, laminated the photos and put toothpicks behind them to decorate the cake:

Park Birthday Cake
For this year's cake I decorated a park cake to go along with our party location.  Playmobil 123 pieces came in handy, but I did make the swingset out of pretzel rods, black licorice, a Life Saver, and a yellow Laffy Taffy swing.

Here's a close-up of the swing set I built for the cake:
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Unknown said...

I attempted a Cross cake this week:

If you have any tips to share I would much appreciate it. Do you have a favorite recipe or box mix? I am hoping to do a cross cake/cupcake rosary for my son's FHC in the Spring...Thanks!

Unknown said...

Wow I want to move in with you, that is a lot of cake. What a fun mom you are. My favorites have to be the Bug cake and Frog cupcakes, and the Pool ice cream cake. (How do you stay so thin?)

Hi Jen!
I just saw your comment this week here! I love your cross cake! Thanks for sharing the link with me! I just use a box mix for my cross cake. I'm not one of those bakers that can make things from scratch! I'm sure your cross cake/cupcake rosary will be lovely and so special for your son's First Holy Communion!

Hi Lynda!
Thanks for your kind comments :) The bug cake was an easy one, but those frog cupcakes were tricky dealing with sticky marshmallows and green sugar crystals for the eyes :) The pool ice cream cake was easy too! It was so weird to make a birthday cake without having to bake it since it was all ice cream!

Tracy, your cakes are delightful! Shared them on Twitter. Following you now.
Freebies 4 Moms

Thanks "Freebies Mom" for your visit, nice comment and follow! I've been following you for some time now :)

Amazing cakes! will have to remember the princess cute :)

Thanks "Last Minute Mel"! Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

Desiree said...

These are wonderful!! I think my favorite is the treasure chest. I love making birthday cakes. I recently started a "Birthday Cake Hall of Fame" on my blog's Facebook page. Hasn't had a lot of interest yet, but feel free to post on it if you like. :)

Hi Desiree!
I just saw your comment! Thanks for stopping in! I will go check out your Cake facebook page now...Thanks for the invite :)

Jacqueline (U.K.) said...

Hi there, I've just found your Blog recently (by a happy accident!) and I am sitting here today with my mouth watering at your yummy cakes!
Its freezing cold and snowing here 'across the Pond' but your Blog has warmed my heart x x

Hi Jacqueline 'across the Pond' :) Thanks for stopping by my blog here and leaving your kind comment! How exciting to have snow! We have been having 60-70 degree temps and my children would love snow! Since you live in the UK I was wondering if you have stumbled upon my friend's blog, Our Life's Adventures, by Anna-Marie? Anna-Marie and her family also live in the UK and homeschool their children. She has a great blog filled with wonderful family adventures and field trips! Stay warm!

You sure make cute cakes. My favourites are the mermaid and the cone castle. Glad I found you through NOBH

Thanks Native American Images for stopping in and commenting! :)

Tracy, I love your Blog and these cakes are amazing. What a wonderful way to document the loves of your family!

Chris said...

Since you are a lover of cake creations, I wanted to share these pics with you and realize that I never did! Link above...

These are some cakes we have made over the years for the kids ( I need to scan pre-2008 pics when we still had a 35 mm camera! )
Also, our recent party for Timmy;s bday is here:
We made a "Boy on Fire" cake to coordinate with the HG theme:

I know you're not feeling well now, but maybe when you;re up to it, you can take a look.
Thx for letting me share.
Feel better. Hang in there!

Shandy said...

How fun! It's hard to decide which is my favorite. I think maybe the puppy cake. Very cute! I found you through NOBH, and am now following you via GFC. Have a great day!

Hi Larita!

Wow! Your kind words mean alot coming from the "cake lady" herself with all your amazing work! You definitely have a gift to be able to make cakes for others for your business. It's busy enough for me to make cakes 5 times/year for my children! :) LOL! Thanks for your visit and comments! Hope business is going well for you!

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for sharing your cake link with me! I FINALLY got around to looking at it now that I don't have morning sickness and my baby is 7 months old now! Geez how time flies! I really love your creativity and the smiles on your boys' faces! Such love and fun!

Hi Shandy!
Thanks for checking out my cake page! The puppy cake is one of my favorites too (and I remember it was frustrating to ice too :) ) Thanks for the follow! Have a great day!

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Hello! Thank you for your Visit!

Hello!  Thank you for your Visit!
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