Friday, November 18, 2016

Pinata Cake and Adventure Time Birthday Party

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Last weekend we celebrated my daughter's 9th birthday. (Her birthday is Nov. 19, but we had to celebrate early due to our family's schedule).

My daughter wanted an "Adventure Time" theme, but since I've never seen this cartoon that is on Cartoon Network, she helped out a lot in planning for the party!   We don't have Cartoon Network at home, but she saw the show at a hotel.

My daughter found a Pinata cake on Pinterest and she said that was what she wanted for her cake.  It was the first I've heard of this rather easy, but fun and festive cake.  So I went for it and it was a smashing success!

I used an easy homemade funfetti cake recipe that I've used before for other birthday cakes.  I found the delicious funfetti recipe HERE. (It tastes so much better than the box kind, but the box version would work and save time)  I quadrupled the recipe because one recipe makes one 9 in. round pan cake.
After making the 4 round cakes, I cut holes out of the middle of 2 of them.

Then you stack the layers, putting the 2 layers with holes in them in the middle between the bottom and top layer. Fill your cake with your favorite treats before stacking on the top layer.  I filled our pinata cake with colorful Sixlets candies and some mini M&Ms.

The birthday girl and one of her older sisters enjoyed icing the cake and decorating it.  I found the "Adventure Time" cake decorations on Amazon.

My friend came to the party in a "Jake" costume which was a surprise for my daughter and me too!  My daughter found her Jake shirt at a thrift store and she wore it as part of her Minion costume for Halloween.

For the party we played some relay games out in our backyard.  My daughter loved the relay games we played last year for her "Messy 8th Birthday Party" that she wanted to play them again this year too!
The first game we played was the egg relay.  The girls were split into 2 teams and each team raced with a raw egg on a plastic spoon.  None of them broke this year!

The second relay game was the sponge game.  The girls were in 2 teams again and each had a sponge with a bowl of water.  They had to put the sponge in the water then race to the other end and squeeze the sponge into a container with a line drawn on it.  Whichever team got to the line on their container first, won! 

After the relay games my daughter requested a scavenger hunt so I wrote out about 10 clues and one of my older daughters hid the clues around our yard and neighbors' yards.  The clues all rhymed and all the girls were tired from running so much. :)  The final clue lead to the "treasure" which was a pinata that was hidden under our staircase in a secret hideout.   So we then went outside to hit the pinata open. 

After everyone grabbed some treats on the ground we went inside for cake and opened gifts.

My daughter was so excited to show her friends the surprise in the cake! 

Everyone had fun watching the candies fall out of the cake after it was cut!

Each guest received a goodie bag filled with an plastic Emoji cup and marshmallows on a decorative paper straw.  I used an edible ink marker to try to draw "Finn" on the marshmallows. 

It was a fun party and many special memories were made.  My daughter and friends loved all the activities and the best part was seeing the big smile on her face during the party and when she told me "Thanks Mom, that was fun, especially the scavenger hunt!"



Chris said...

First of all happy birthday today to your newly turned 9 year old!!!

I'm completely copying your cake for Timmy's bday next month...he is not having a arty ( boohoo!!! I so miss planning the parties and living them and taking pics! ) I'm trying to get him to change his mind...we'll see! He'll be 14 and it's just the 4 of us...but I'm doing this anyway!!

Your daughter is such a sweetheart.So appreciative! I love the whole party. Never heard of Adv Time. Very cute games and etc! And I love your property! It's gorgeous.

Well, I'll be seeing you "out there" in the blogosphere and fb! Luckily I have that since there are all those miles between us!

Enjoy the day celebrating!
Thx for sharing!

Thank you so much Chris for your visit! And your pinata cake for your son turned out amazing! So fun and easy huh?!?!!!!

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