Saturday, December 11, 2010

Featuring my 200th Follower !

Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Canadian Mommy Blog Reviews and Giveaways

Recently, I "met" my 200th follower! I appreciate all the visitors that stop by to read my posts and I love hearing comments from my readers.  Your comments encourage me to keep posting topics that are important to me, but I also hope my blog posts will be encouraging and interesting to you.

I would LOVE to get to know ALL my  past, present, and future followers because each one has a story to tell and something to offer in blog world and in the "real" world.  I know this is not possible due to time, but I would like to feature my 200th follower to get to know her a little better and share her blog with you. 

So my 200th follower is.... Erica at bassgiraffe's Thoughts !  Erica hopped onto my blog from the Friday Blog Hop where my blog was featured at the #6 spot on the Linky List.  Erica left a comment on this post and I always enjoy visiting my visitor's blog.  Erica's blog is adorable, bright and cheery and she has lots of great giveaways and reviews going on.  I am amazed how Erica and so many other bloggers do such a great job keeping up with so many reviews and giveaways on their blog!  Erica has some great posts and currently she has a Filly Princess Review and Giveaway.

I emailed Erica some questions to get to know her a little better.  Her answers are in purple.

1.  How long have you been blogging?
I started my blog Dec 9, 2009 as a family blog, talking about my girls and at the end of March 2010 my blog became a review/giveaway blog

2.  What do you blog about?
I mainly focus of reviews/giveaways that are family friendly and mainly for kids. I do still post about my kids/family stuff outside of reviews.

3.  What part of the world do you blog from? 
Waterloo, On, Canada

4.  Your blog title is so unique and creative, how did you come up with your title? bassgiraffe (always together, always lowercase) started in 1999 when my brother hooked me up with email. Yes, I’ve only been using email for 11 years now. He asked what I wanted my user name to be and I told him I had no clue. He told me to think of my favorite things. I said, playing bass clarinet and giraffes. Then he said, there you go, put them together, but bassclarinetgiraffe was too long so we shortened it to bassgiraffe.
bass= bass clarinet, the instrument I’ve played since I was 10
giraffe= the animal I have loved since I was kindergarten, when the teacher said we will be coloring pictures of the animal that best represented us and since I was the tallest in class I picked giraffe.
So there you have it folks, bassgiraffe, all one word, all lowercase. Oh and NOT pronounced like bass as in the fish, bass as in bass clarinet

5.  Do you celebrate Christmas?  If so, what are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?  If not, what do you like best about this time of year or season?
We do, we like to focus on the reason for the season, Jesus. And we always decorate the day after American Thanksgiving. I also love having family over.

6.  What has been the best thing about blogging for you?
Of course reviewing items is always fun. But I also love challenging myself in writing/reading. I have learning disorders that make writing a challenge and I love it.

How do you give Joy to the World?  Come join Lynda, Anna-Marie, and myself at our No Ordinary Blog Hop running through December!  We would love to read how you give Joy to the World by adding your blog post(s) to the Linky list!

I give Joy to the World when I let others know about great blogs like Erica's at bassgiraffe's Thoughts ! I'm sure Erica would love to have you visit, read your comment and have you enter into one of her many giveaways!  Enjoy!  


Unknown said...

Congrats on your 200th Follower!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for helping us get to know Erica better. I enjoyed it and congratulations on your 200th follower. You have a great blog too, and it is nice to see so many want to follow you. =) I voted for you yesterday and today. Have a blessed weekend, Tracy.

Thanks Lynda! I clicked votes for you today too :) Hope you have had a wonderful Saturday!

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