Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Prayers for the Boyle Family and The Easter Season Continues...with a Symbolic Easter Tea Dinner

Before I blog about the details of our Easter tea dinner from last week, I would like to ask that you keep a fellow Catholic blogger and homeschool mom in your prayers.  Lisa at Home to 4 Kiddos lost everything, including their family cat, in a house fire last weekend.  :(  They are understandably devastated and filled with all sorts of emotions as you can imagine, but grateful that their family of six all got out safely.  Please keep the Boyle family in your prayers and if you feel called to help them out in monetary ways, there are few ways you can do so:   Contribute to the Boyle Family Go Fund page.  Or if you shop at Amazon you can click on Lisa's Amazon affiliate link and she will receive a small percentage back from your purchase at no extra cost to you. Or if you would like to get updates of the Boyle's family immediate needs, you can join the Blessings for the Boyle Family Facebook group. The Boyles will appreciate any way you are able to help in this most difficult time in their lives.  Thank you!

And now on to less important details...From the title of my post you may be asking what's a symbolic Easter tea dinner all about?  That's strange, isn't Easter over already?  Nope.  Easter is not just one day, but rather a season that lasts from Easter Sunday to Pentecost, 50 days after Easter Sunday.  40 days after Easter Sunday marks Ascension Thursday when Jesus returns to heaven 40 days after his resurrection.  We will be celebrating Ascension Thursday this week by going to morning Mass and then going out for some "heavenly" sweet treats at the donut shop. :) 

Last week we continued the Easter season celebration with our first (I hope it can become an annual tradition) symbolic Easter tea dinner.  Our symbolic Good Friday lunch has been so fun the past two years so I was inspired to put together an Easter tea dinner when I saw Nicole's Easter tea at Children of the Church where she was inspired by Lacy's Easter tea at Catholic Icing.  This "ripple" effect of liturgical living brings to mind Martianne's post at Training Happy Hearts with her When Celebrating the Liturgical year Goes Viral post. :)   A symbolic Easter tea can be celebrated anytime during the Easter season!

I printed out the Via Crucis (Way of Light) or Stations of the Resurrection for Kids from Family in Feast and Feria and laminated each card to use them to label each food at our table. After praying the Stations of the Cross all during Lent, it was great to be able to focus on the Risen Christ during this Easter season.

This is how our table was set:

For each food item, I got my ideas from Lacy at Catholic Icing at her Symbolic Easter Tea post.

FIRST STATION: Jesus Rises from the Dead: Easter lily sandwiches: I made the sandwiches by cutting the crust off the edges of each slice of bread, stuffed them with can chicken chopped up and mixed with Ranch salad dressing and folded the sandwiches to make a lily.  Then I sliced yellow peppers for the "stamen" part of the lily to add to the top of each sandwich.  The paper lilies in the vase on the center of our table were made several years ago by my older kids in an art co-op. 

SECOND STATION: The Finding of the Empty Tomb: Pinwheel Marshmallow filled cookies to look like an empty tomb.

THIRD STATION: Mary Magdalene Meets the Risen Jesus: Spice tea to symbolize the spices Mary Magdalene brought to the tomb.

FIFTH STATION: Jesus is Known in the Breaking of Bread: Small ham sandwiches on broken bread (Hawaiian rolls)

EIGHTH STATION: Jesus Strengthens the Faith of Thomas: Doubting Thomas donuts. Thomas said he wouldn't believe until he could put his hand in the nail holes of Jesus' body.  One of my favorite Bible verses.  John 20: 28-29:  "He said to Thomas, "Put your finger here, and see my hands, and put out your hand, and place it in my side, do not be faithless, but believing. Thomas answered, "My Lord and my God!"  Jesus said, "Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe." 

NINTH STATION: Jesus Appears by the Sea of Tiberias: fish crackers

TENTH STATION: Jesus Tells Peter to Feed His Sheep (Primacy of Peter): Cut stems off cauliflower "sheep" and add black olive "heads" using sour cream.

TWELFTH STATION: Jesus Ascends into Heaven: (on white cheddar popcorn clouds)

THIRTEENTH STATION: Mary and the Disciples Wait in Prayer: During Lent we made pretzels to symbolize "little arms" in prayer.  So for our Easter tea dinner I bought white chocolate covered pretzels to represent the joyous and sweet Easter season and as always, a time to pray. 

FOURTEENTH STATION:  The Holy Spirit Descends at Pentecost:  Red pepper slices to look like tongues of fire.

It was a memorable and fun Easter tea dinner that I hope we can remember to do each year during the Easter season. :)  My family may or may not have liked all the symbolic foods, but I think they liked participating in a unique and meaningful dinner as a family to celebrate the 50 days of the Easter season!


Chris said...

WOW! Unbelievable Easter tea....I can't imagine the work you put into this, as wlel as the benefits for the kids. Just amazing Tracy.
Thanks for sharing all the details, pics, signs, info.

Great resources to help Lisa and family as well. I will be getting a post up today with the links too, hoping that someone might click to my blog who has not seen the info on ways to help around FB and etc.....

Thanks Tra! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

I love these symbolic meals you put together! So creative and fun!

Martianne said...

<3<3 <3 this... and laughed about your family maybe not liking all the food. Mine is the same way sometimes.

I want to add something like this to our Easter season, too. Actually, one year, I want to be together enough to o a Good Shepherd Garden Party like at Shower of Roses.

In the nearer future, though, will be Pentecost - red juice wigglers and maybe some repeats of years prior (which is on my blog) What are your plans??>

Martianne said...

PS Thank you for posting about Lisa. I have been doing so on FB publicly and in groups. I will also add something to a blog post soon. Thank you for making me think of it. My heart breaks for her. My children and I have bee praying for her.

Billie Jo said...

Thanks for inspiring. : )

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! It looks like y'all had fun and it's a great teaching tool as well.

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