Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordful Wednesday Full of Photos: LEGO KidsFest

This past Sunday, our family and some friends headed to Raleigh, NC for the LEGO KidsFest.   It was like LEGO heaven for everyone! 

Here are lots of photos from our LEGO adventure:

People and LEGOs everywhere! I took these pictures from a balcony in the convention center.

In the middle of this photo is a pile of LEGO that participates could walk on and sit and build.

Purple LEGO tower which was a group effort to build

Our children and their friends enjoyed the many LEGO characters:

"Mommy, get in the Mummy!"

These LEGOs were Dino-mite!  

There were some games the kids could participate in and my children were in a relay race to find matching LEGO pieces and then build a small structure with the pieces. 

One station had an area where you could build anything on a small green LEGO square.  My daughter built this: 

Then each of the creations were added to "Creation Nation", which was a huge outline of the United States.  It was amazing to see all the details on the huge map outline.

My son and his friends liked the station where they could build their own race cars and push them down the tracks.  This station was sponsored by Boy Scouts.

Our children got to listen to some tips on building with LEGO from a LEGO Master Builder. He explained how to make LEGO structures stronger and then they were able to build a rocket.

Here is the Master Builder inspecting all the rockets.  My son liked the fact that the Master Builder said his rocket was creative and strong.  

After spending 4 1/2 hours in the LEGO KidsFest, we walked outside to a picnic area with our family and friends and ate lunch.  For dessert we had LEGO cupcakes that I made and brought with us.

The chocolate LEGO men were made by melting milk chocolate chips in this mold that I borrowed from a friend. Then I put the mold in the freezer until the chocolate was hard.  It was a quick way to decorate the cupcakes since the chocolate hardened quickly and popped right out. 

It was a fun and wonderful LEGO day and all my children and their friends had a blast!  It was fun to see our children use their creativity and imaginations with the millions of LEGO!


What fun!! My sons were major Lego fans when they were young. We had a membership to Legoland in California.

Hi Alida!
Thanks for stopping by! My children would love to go to Legoland! That's great your family had a membership there! Legos last forever, don't they?

How great to attend a Lego conference!!! My daughter loved the harry potter statues and the red dragon:)! I so wish my kids would be more interested in lego I wonder if I attended one of these if it would help. Meeting a lego master builder would be so cool, I bet the kids had lots of questions to ask him. Thanks for linking up and supporting the Field trip hop. I voted for you today!

I have such great memories of Legos as a kid. I really hope my daughter gets into them someday -- or that our next child is a boy. ;)

You may have seen these "awards" floating around the blogging world, but I am officially giving it to you -- The Versatile Blogger Award. :)

Have a great day!

I bet the kids had a blast!! Legoland is opening in FL and we may take a group field trip down there in Feb.

Unknown said...

It looks like you all had great time. My son and I really enjoyed seeing all your photos, especially Mommy in the Mummy. lol

Congratulations on winning another award. Have a wonderful day, Tracy. =)

noreen said...

Hi Tracy, that is LEGO paradise for kids. My son would love that! What a creative and fun way for kids to spend an afternoon. Your cupcakes look amazing too.

Mom2Seven said...

Amazing, Tracy! I am going to show these pictures to my 7 y/o son later. All the kids enjoy playing with them... but he really gets into it... he's very creative, too! Happy weekend!

Sarah said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I wish we had went when we lived in Raleigh last year. We're in Charlotte now so it's not too far so maybe we'll do it sometime. Love the cupcakes.

Melissa N. said...

Holy Legos! My son would have been in plastic heaven! Looks like you all had fun!

Mary said...

Oh my goodness! That is fabulous! My son would spaz!

Jennifer said...

Wow, that must have been great fun! The huge pile of legos.....oh my goodness!

Ms. Barbara, Birmingham, Al said...

Hey Tracy,
So happy that I checked your blog today and was given the chance to see our ownJohn Paul, along with you and your family at the Lego event. I forgot all about your blog, but was looking back on past e-mails when Jen sent it to me St. Joseph Altar last March. It is a good way to get pics of our grandchildren since Jen is so bad at sending us pics more often!The 180 movie is incredible and one that the world should see and be convinced about how important it is to know how candidates we vote for stand on this important issue of human life at all stages. I thank you for putting it on your blog as I have been trying for weeks to sit down for 30min and watch it.God bless you and Happy Birthday Luke. You have a great mom and dad and you are very special, too. Love, Ms. Barbara

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