Saturday, November 13, 2010

(Organization) System Saturday- Do Your Children Have the "Drag & Drop" Syndrome?

I was wondering if your children have the "drag & drop" syndrome like mine????  Of course, this is a something I have made up and if your child(ren) have this syndrome their bedrooms may look like this:

and this...
So what is the "drag & drop" syndrome?  It's when my children DRAG out books, toys, dolls, LEGOs, etc.,  then they DROP these items anywhere, but where they dragged them out from!  We are home alot during the day with homeschooling so there is the constant struggle for me to keep up with my children's "syndrome" and to get them to clean up after themselves.  Like Anna-Marie over at Life's Adventures, I too was feeling overwhelmed this week by stuff all over the place.  So tonight I spent about 2 hours going through my soon to be 3 year old daughter's room to clean it up and organize it.  I threw junk away and reorganized her books, dolls, clothes, etc.  Here are the "After" pictures:
I am thankful for at least getting one room clean today while trying to keep up with schooling and life in general.  This is at least one room done, now several more to go.   I will enjoy my daughter's clean room until.....the "drag & drop" syndrome hits again!!!!!

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Unknown said...

Oh, we have moments like this too! The girls are pretty good about their room, but the boys are a different story. I am amazed at how quickly their room can be a disaster! Glad you had time to get things organized that is always a good feeling.

Patty said...

Yesterday afternoon, we went through a couple of closets. A trip to the big trash can outside, a trip to Goodwill, waa-laa...clean space.

I have a husband who has this syndrome as well as my two children:) Brave of you to show pictures of the before state. I was too embarrassed at the state of my home for that. But thankfully it is all cleaned up for the weekend. Voted for you. Have a great weekend:)!!!

Unknown said...

Yes this is a common "syndrome" I think. Thank you for giving it a name. My rule is only one thing out at a time. If I catch my son dragging something else out, I stop him immediately and tell him to return the other item before he can start playing. Our issue is markers, crayons, coloring books, paper drawings, etc all over the house. (My little artist.) Oh, and the LEGO's.
I hope you are not too tired today. It was a late night. Blessings! I voted for you today.

My daughter definitely has drag 'n drop syndrome. lol! We're working on it. ;)

Glad you were able to get one room done. I need to work on a few rooms myself. :)

Vi Win Win said...

following you back! =)very nice looking blog!

Hi Jen!
Thanks for your visit and comment :) It was nice to clean at least one room and by the time I get to other bedrooms my daughter's will be a disaster again! :)
Hope you had a good weekend!

Hi Patty,
There is no better feeling than de-cluttering and dropping off stuff at the dump or Goodwill! Thanks for your visit and comment :)

Thanks Anna-Marie for your visit, comment and votes :) I'm glad you were able to clean your home before the weekend. I only got to the one room :(

Hi Lynda,
Yes, I try to get my kids to clean things up before they begin another task, but it is a constant battle in our house :)
Thanks for your votes and hope you had a happy Sunday!

Hi Heather!
Thanks for your visit and comment! I left a comment on your blog!

Thanks Vivian! I love your So Followed Saturday Blog hop button!

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