Monday, November 1, 2010

I am Thankful for All Saint's Day and Join Us for No Ordinary Blog Hop

Do you have something to be thankful for?

I am sure you do, and I am also hoping you will post about what you're thankful for the whole month of November.  Then you can join Lynda, Anna-Marie, and myself, and many others in the "No Ordinary Blog Hop" called the Thankful Hearts November 2010 Blog Hop.

How do you participate and what are the rules of this blog hop?  It really is very easy.

One of the Thankful Hearts November 2010 Blog Hope Rules is to post about what you are thankful for beginning with this phrase:  I am thankful for...

So I am thankful for...the celebration of All Saint's Day today with my homeschool group.  I am thankful for the past, present, and future saints in Heaven and on earth that continue to bear witness for my Catholic faith no matter the cost.  

Today my children, along with their friends, dressed in saint costumes and played some fun Saint games!

Saint Cecilia, holding a harp because she is the patroness of music/Saint Luke, with a doctor's coat and stethoscope because he is known as the great physician/St. Elizabeth of Hungary, a princess and patron of young brides

Thanks to Lacy at Catholic Icing, we made this veil to dress as Blessed Mother Teresa for my youngest daughter, but she did not want to be "saintly" and wear the veil or be in any pictures so my oldest is wearing it to show that this idea from Lacy is easy and adorable (especially if your child wants to wear it) 

So what are you thankful for?  We invite you to join this "No Ordinary Blog Hop."  To see what the Thankful Hearts Blog Hop is all about just click our beautiful button below.  After reading the details, please join us.  I look forward to hopping to your blog, and becoming a follower.


Haha! My daughter didn't want to wear hers either... but she was too small to take it off so I won in the end :-)

Patty said...

Great blog hop idea! I have a few things lined up this week and I no what I'm going to post on. Can't do it yet, or I'll give my surprise away:)

Unknown said...

Your Blog Hop post looks great Tracy. I am excited also and have visited Jen and Tiffany's blogs already. I voted for you today on PF and MB. Exciting news about Rachel, way to go. You have some soccer pros.

Unknown said...

Thanks for creating this blog hop - I really like the idea of it being month long!

Hi there, great directions and the button is up and working. I also fixed your button on my blog and now people can get to yours by my blog. I need to add Lynda's. Thanks and I voted for you:)

Hi Lacy!
I know I kept thinking if my youngest was just a little younger I could have "tricked" her into wearing this veil because she would not be able to yank it off :) Your daughter looked absolutely beautiful as Blessed Mother Teresa!

Hi Patty!
We look forward to you joining our "No Ordinary Blog Hop!"
Have a blessed week!

Hi Jen!
Thanks for joining in our blog hop! It's fun to link up all month long more than one time. So if you have anymore "I am Thankful for..." posts make sure to link up again and again :)

Hi Anna-Marie!
I'm glad my instructions were clear enough to understand. The buttons look great!
I clicked a vote for you too!

Tiffany said...

Hi Tracy~ I look forward to participating! Great idea and precious saints you have:-)

Unknown said...

Your children are so adorable. Thank you for helping Anna-Marie yesterday, and your buttons look maaarvalous! tee hee :) I voted for you on both. Have a blessed day.

Hi Tiffany!
We would love to have you join our No Ordinary Blog Hop :) I hope you had a blessed All Saint's Day with your adorable saints!

Hi Lynda!
I'm glad my instructions for Anna-Marie were clear enough for her to put the buttons on her blog :) I hope you have a blessed day and thanks for the votes! PS: I've been trying to spread the word about our Blog Hop in many different ways to get as many thankful link up as possible! So fun :) Thanks again for all your hard work! :) I clicked votes for you too!

HI Tracy,
I am voting for you today did you notice they reset picket fences. I am trying to keep up with the blog hop joining other blogs. I am also spreading the news when visiting other blogs:) I have had a lot more free time today:). Hope you are having a great day

HI Anna-Marie!
I did see the reset for Picket Fence. I too am trying to visit the blogs from the hop. It's been fun to read blogger's thankful posts and "meet" other great blogs. I've been trying to spread the news when I can too!
I clicked a vote for you today too!
I'm glad you have had more free time today! Can I borrow some of that free time from you :)

God bless!

Anonymous said...

More great costumes!! They are just lovely, Tracy! Thanks so much for sharing! God bless!

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