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My Sister's Wedding: Part 1 (Rehearsal Dinner)

I'm finally getting around to posting about my younger sister's wedding that happened on Saturday, October 13, 2012.  What a beautiful and blessed day it was!

This post is Part 1 of 3 posts about her wedding.

You can read My Sister's Wedding: Part 2 (Wedding Preparations) HERE
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Family and friends gathered for bridal showers prior to the wedding date in July 2012 which you can view pictures HERE and then as the matron of honor, I hosted a shower for my sister in my home in August where I blogged about that fun day HERE.

On Friday night, October 12, 2012, family and friends gathered together for the rehearsal and dinner and here are a few pictures from this fun night....

My children meet their baby cousin for the first time.  Miss Piper is my brother's baby and she is so sweet and my children and I couldn't get enough of her! 

This is the groom's cake which is a Rottweiler dog because my sister's fiance has this type of dog.
This creative and cute cake was made by Larita at Carolina Cakes and Confections

This is my cousin Jennifer who I haven't seen since my wedding over 15 years ago!  It was great to see her after so long.  Jennifer is an author and wrote the book The Sassy Spoon Fun with Food by Jennifer Arricale.   "The Sassy Spoon is a collection of delicious yet easy recipes that are fun yet healthful, and is full of vegetarian recipes and ideas that are mainstream enough for even the heartiest of meat eaters to enjoy."  Be sure to visit her website and check out her book!

 My family

My parents, my sister, my future brother-in-law, and his parents

Bridesmaids with the bride-to-be with me on the far right
My 2 older brothers, me, and our sister
 All the siblings from both families with the future bride and groom

It was great to see so much family!  

Here is a picture of me reading the rehearsal dinner toast that I wrote in the form of a poem.  Here's what I read for my sweet sister and her soon-to-be husband as I read it for everyone for the first time.

A Wedding Rehearsal Toast for Soon-to-Be Mr. and Mrs. V. from the Matron of Honor, Tracy
October 12, 2012

On March 14th of ’78
my sister was born, it was great!
A few years after in ‘82,
a boy named Nick was born, it’s true!

One in the south, the other in the north, they lived and grew,
many miles apart, but neither knew
that they would someday meet and fall in love
and stand before us all, a blessing from above.

Jeanne, a NC State fan, through and through,
But little did she know that love can grow via connections with ECU
Michelle and Erica know the details of how Jeanne and Nick met
It was in June 2010 when Nick wanted to hit the beach and get wet.

I’m sure Jeanne agrees that Nick’s visit to the East Coast over two years ago
Was a wise decision since they felt how love can grow
Hearts flittered and fluttered after Jeanne met Nick V.
Next came many phone conversations and emails, the rest as they say, is history.

As the matron of honor, I have been asked to give this toast,
Ah, growing up with Jeanne has been fun and now it’s time to boast,
Of some memories I have with my younger sis
Listen carefully, these you don’t want to miss…

Nick, you must know that Jeanne almost lost a finger when she was about one
Yep, I slammed her thumb in the car door and it bled a ton!
Off to the emergency room we sped!
Miraculously, she’ll have all ten fingers when you wed.

Jeanne was in kindergarten when she wrote a book about how Jimmy and Matt liked to scream and shout,

These two special brothers loved to duke it out,
Basically the storyline was Matt ended up punching big bro,
Jeanne’s teacher was alarmed by the story, and Jimmy got in trouble, how was this so?

My sister learned very young about phone etiquette,
She was left at a friend’s house all by herself because Jeanne wasn’t out of the bathroom yet,
When a grown-up learned they had left Jeanne at home alone,
They called the house and Jeanne answered with a “Who’s this?” in a sweet, innocent tone.

I think Jimmy and Matt would agree with me,
That Jeanne always got her way as baby of the family,
I was sent away to college with a lemon that didn’t take me far,
And Jeanne enjoyed driving around town in a white Saturn, a shiny new car. 

Jeanne has a way with words and there is one question she asks a lot,
 “Is that normal?” is her most popular question whether she knows what she is talking about or not.
Another question my parents heard quite a bit,
 “Daddy, can I have some money? I’ll be your best friend and I won’t throw a fit.”  

Watching Jeanne in the kitchen has always been an adventure and that makes me smile,
As I witnessed her try to peel a bag of baby carrots, now that’s going to take a while!
It’s a good thing at her bridal shower I made her that recipe book,
Nick, Jeanne has come a long way from an amateur to now a great cook!

I promise this is the last story from me,
At age 4, Jeanne was in New York shopping with our Nanny
Nanny asked Jeanne if she liked toys,
With her big brown eyes, Jeanne looked up to Nanny and emphatically said, “No, I like boys!”

I’m happy to say that Jeanne found her boy
Jeanne, may you and Nick always know love and joy.
This toast is almost over and has been so much fun                                                              
Here in this River Room in downtown Wilmington.

We’re here to celebrate
your two lives leading up to this date
and the one life you’ll share starting now,
forever blessed by your wedding vow.
Jeanne, though I’m older than you,
you’ve always been one I’ve looked up to.
You’re full of class, spirit and life.
I know you’ll make a wonderful wife.
Nick, I’m proud to call you brother.
For Jeanne there could be no other.
Your love and humor are perfect for her.
I know you’re the one if ever there were.
So now let’s raise a glass and cheers:
To Jeanne and Nick, many happy years!

 Everyone enjoyed the toast including the happy couple!  It was so much fun to write and read!

You can read My Sister's Wedding: Part 2 (Wedding Preparations) HERE

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Fab poem and I sure it brought lots of laughs:). Love seeing the wedding pictures. Attending weddings is so much fun cause (for me) I reflect back on my own wedding and how happy I am with the man I chose. I will pray your sister and new brother in law have a wonderful marriage!

Patty said...

You have such a beautiful family! You can feel the love, girl!

Melissa N. said...

WOW what a blessed family you all are! I love the cake!

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