Friday, May 27, 2011

Art Showcase-LEGO Gardens and Update on Garden

This week my children made the following LEGO creations:

 "This is a garden with a yellow entrance and a green gate around the entrance.  There is a red path that divides the garden into 3 sections. The far left section has swamp plants, the right section has bushes and flowers and the other section has just flowers on the ground.”  made by my 11 year old cupcake

 This is a garden with a building, 2 bird feeders on the far left, a cactus sitting on a blue brick, a flower pot beside the cactus, and a security camera on top of the building to look out for invaders because there is hidden gold in the garden building. There is also a white sprinkler that is watering the garden right now.” made by my 9 year old cupcake

"This is a lady’s garden with a white arched entrance.  To the right of the entrance is a water bottle holder.  In the garden there are flowers and rainbow bricks around it.  The lady is walking on a black brick sidewalk and she has a pocketbook in her hand.”  made by my 6 year old cupcake

I'm linking up the Garden LEGO creations to...
Kimberly's Art Showcase Fridays

the happy hearts academy

My Blessings from Above: Lego Creation Thursday

I've also submitted all three Garden LEGO creations to LEGO Quest: Quest #41, which is to make a garden out of LEGO.

Speaking of gardens, it is time to do an update post on the garden my children are keeping with my in-laws that I first posted about HERE.
To join in the HSV Garden Challenge go HERE to link up and read posts of other gardens. 
Here are the vegetables growing really well and my father-in-law added an electric fence to keep out hungry deer:

My children helped pull up onions and radishes:

They pulled so many that I gave some away to friends and neighbors and used the rest in our salads.
We look forward to seeing how the garden continues to grow!

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Great Lego gardens and what a nice real garden! I wish we had all that space to plant!

Kelly said...

Looks great! We did a big garden last year we scaled back this year. The lego garden is the best. No weeding needed. :-)

Stef said...

I love when we get more than we thought and have to give veggies away!! LOOKING GREAT!

The garden is beautiful! Love it!

Kara Chupp said...

I always love seeing the Lego creations...makes me think our kids would like yours :)
But the garden is awesome!
It's been so rainy and cold here that I haven't done much of anything... :(

Unknown said...

Hi Tracy!

The kids all did a great job this week on their lego creations. O.K. I have to say that I love the security camera idea! I think that is great. The "real" garden looks amazing! I bet the kids are having such a great time with this. Look at all those onions. Wow! Great work. There is plenty of fresh veggies for salads. Yummy! I just said to my husband that we need to find a place in the yard for fresh veggies. Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend and thank you for linking up this week.

Thanks Christine! The garden is actually in my in laws backyard, not mine. There is no way I would have time to maintain such a garden so I'm glad my in-laws are retired to keep the garden and have my children help with it :)

HI Kelly!
Thanks for stopping by and I agree garden LEGOs are great with no weeding involved :)

Thanks Stef for stopping by and your comments!

Thanks Tania! My kids have enjoyed helping my in-laws with the garden!

HI Kara!
I hope the rain stops and warmer weather comes your way! Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

HI Kimberly!
My in-laws have the garden in their backyard and my kids visit from time to time to help maintain it. I don't think I would have the time to keep our own garden in my backyard. I hope you are having a great weekend!

Love the Lego garden how cute and creative:) We are getting ready to harvest our radishes this week but our onions are no where near ready:( Love seeing the kids smiling faces as they pick the veggies

Zonnah said...

Wow, your garden is doing so good!

HI Anna-Marie!
Happy planting :)

Hi Zonnah!
Thanks for stopping in! This garden is at my in-laws house, but my kids and I helped my father-in-law plant it and we come over to pick the goodies out of it :)

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