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Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler: A Review

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 by Jennifer Fulwiler

Have you heard about this book yet?  Have you read this book yet?  If you answered "No" to either question, you will hear about it right now and hopefully you will want to read it SOON!

I first "met" Jennifer Fulwiler through her blog, Conversion Diary by Jennifer Fulwiler.  I love following her fun and faith-filled posts.

I then got a chance to hear Jennifer speak at the Ignited By Truth Catholic Conference at the end of March 2014 and I stalked her to meet her in person and get a picture with her :) Here we are after one of her talks.

Jennifer referenced her book during some of her talks over the conference weekend.  Many people, including myself, pre-ordered our copy of  Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It, and anxiously awaited for the release date of April 29!

I couldn't wait for my copy to arrive in the mail!

My copy finally arrived on May 1 and I was so bummed when I got it!  Why you may ask when I just said that I was anxiously awaiting its arrival?  Because when my copy plopped on my front porch I was in the middle of life with my 5 children in the middle of the day and I had loads of laundry waiting to be folded in the basket.   All I wanted to do was ignore the laundry and my kids and start reading the book NOW!  The thought even crossed my mind that I should lock myself in my bathroom to start reading the book in hopes that my children would not notice that I was missing.  Really, I did think of this "plan".

I didn't lock myself in the bathroom and ignore the homeschooling, laundry, and the caring for my children that I needed to do, but if I did, I'm sure I would have read Jennifer's book in a matter of hours vs. the 3 days that it actually took me to read it as I juggled my busy family life.  

So where do I even begin to say just how much I loved reading Jennifer's conversion story from a once happy, atheist to a now happier Catholic mom with a beautiful family?  I can sum up my thoughts about her life story with what I said as I read the last line of her book and closed it....WOW!

As someone who has always been Catholic (a.k.a. "Cradle Catholic") conversion stories fascinate me because I grow deeper in my own faith and gain a deeper appreciation for it.  I always love seeing how God's grace and blessings lead converts to the faith through sometimes the most unusual paths.

Jennifer's journey from only believing in the material world for most of her life and not acknowledging God to now a Catholic mom of six children was fascinating, riveting, completely honest, inspiring and entertaining at times!  I couldn't wait to read more and more as her thought-provoking questions for her own life caused me to ponder many things in my life as well.  

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I was especially interested in how God blessed Jennifer during her difficult pregnancies as she and her husband, Joe, trusted God more and more with all areas of their lives. (By the way, I can't help to think how much Joe's patience and unconditional spousal love played a major role in Jennifer's conversion.)  I just kept thinking that ALL the insulin shots and several finger pricks I had to give myself for gestational diabetes with my last two pregnancies didn't seem so bad after reading how much pain and uncertainties Jennifer had to overcome with her pregnancies.  Throughout these chapters, I kept asking myself, "How is God going to help Jennifer and Joe out of this difficult situation?" My curiosity kept me turning the pages. 

Jennifer is such a great writer using descriptive language.  With her words I was able to vividly picture what she was writing about.   There were many descriptive lines in her book, but one of my favorites was when she was describing her first confession experience.  Her choice of words spoke to my heart as I recall feeling a similar way during my confession experiences.

I highly recommend everyone read Jennifer Fulwiler's book, especially anyone seeking, searching, and questioning what is Truth and love.  It will inspire and entertain you cover to cover!

You can purchase a copy of  Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It  from Amazon HERE. 

Enjoy and God bless!


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