Sunday, June 10, 2012

Puppy Cake+Skates=Fun Turning 8 !!!!!!!

Our daughter, Cupcake #3, turned 8 years old today!  HERE is the birthday post I wrote for her with photos and memories documented on the post.  

We celebrated her birthday this afternoon at a local roller skating rink.  She likes dogs too so I thought I would combine these two likes and make a puppy dog cake wearing skates :)   I first saw this cake when my friend J.H. made the cake for her daughter last month.  HERE is the link to the cake directions that I followed and used as my guide.

Here are pictures of the cake before icing it:
I baked a boxed chocolate 9X13 cake for the base, a pan of Rice Krispie Treats for the nose, ears, legs, and tail, and then I used a round glass dish for the head and a rectangular glass dish for the body.  I baked the body using the homemade yellow cake ingredients that I've used several times in the past.

And here is the puppy dog cake with skates when I finished icing it and decorating it :)
The eyes and nose were Junior Mints candies with white icing and the tongue was cherry flavored Laffy Taffy.  The green icing was the homemade cream cheese icing that I make that my children love and the dog's "fur" is a combination of the homemade icing with store bought icing (because I was running out of the homemade kind while decorating)

  The pink skates were made from Wilton pink fondant that was in a box with Junior Mints wheels.

Everyone had a great time skating including my husband, myself and some other moms.

Our 4.5 year old loves to zoom around the rink with her in-line skates.  She has a cast on her left arm from a fall a few weeks ago where she got a buckle fracture on her wrist.  But, she skated wonderfully and both arms were fine :)

The girls taking a break during "Boys Only" skating

Puppy Cake+Skates=Fun Turning 8 !!!!!!!

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Great cake Tracy puts my sheet cake to shame for my son's 8th birthday:)
Looks like fun, I haven't been roller skating in years used to go all the time in my youth. Ahh getting so old now:(

noreen said...

Happy Birthday to Cupcake #3! What a fun party and an absolutely awesome puppy cake!

I attempted two liturgical cakes today (Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary) and it was tough coming up with ideas on how to make it look as realistic as possible. So, I'm very impressed with your baking and decorating abilities!

Hi Anna-Marie!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! My kids are getting more into the skating especially with their in line skates and my husband didn't think he would do it, but he did and enjoyed it. Maybe on one of your many adventures you'll get a chance to try it again and like it :) Thanks for stopping in and commenting :)

Oooo Noreen I would love to see your Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart Cakes if you'd like. Could you email me pics? I'm sure they are beautiful! Thanks Noreen for stopping in and leaving such kind comments! :)

I love the cake! Super adorable! Visiting from No Ordinary Blog Hop.


Melissa N. said...

Happy Bornday to your daughter!

Girl, you are mad talented! I love it!


Patty said...

Look at you all go! How much fun! Your cake turned out so cute, Tracy.

Laurie said...

How fun!! I love, love, love the cake. I don't think my boys have ever been to a skating rink- I don't even know if we have one around here anymore. I am going to have to look in to that.

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