Thursday, March 24, 2011

LEGO Link Up and Art Showcase!

My 6 year old daughter made this LEGO hair salon today.  "I made it because I like hair salons.  The person with the yellow brush is the worker.  The girl sitting down in the red chair is getting her hair done.  She is looking into the white mirror."

I'm linking this LEGO creation to Melissa's LEGO Mania Party
 and to 

Kimberly over at Happy Hearts Academy has an Art Showcase each Friday where you can share your children's art work.  
Here is some artwork from a few of my children that I am linking up to the Art Showcase:

My 6 year old daughter traced this horse.

My 9 year old son traced this T-Rex.

Guess what my children use to trace on?  Tracing paper?  Well, sometimes, but have you ever thought of using parchment paper?  

Yep, I buy rolls of parchment paper. You know it's not just for baking :)
Tracing paper is expensive in art supply stores, but I have found that parchment paper works just as easily once you roll sheets out and cut it to size.  I don't know how big of a cost difference there is, but I know there seems to be more paper on a parchment paper roll than in a little booklet of tracing paper.   Have you ever used this to trace on?

Do you have any artwork to link up to Kimberly's Art Showcase?  We would love to see it!

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Unknown said...

We used parchment paper to trace when I was a girl. I loved projects like those.

The salon looks just like the one I worked at. You little cupcake did a great job. =)

Have a great weekend. Blessings!

Unknown said...

I've got to slow down when I type. Too many typos. lol

I have never thought to use Parchment paper going to have mine try that! I spend a fortune of paper. Great art projects this week:) I use to take my kids to a salon that had cars, planes, horses and the like for the kids to sit in. My oldest was very disappointed when she outgrew the fun seats and had to sit in the grown up
seats:) Voted for you even tho you are now ahead of me:)LOL

Love the hair salon and what a great idea about the parchment paper!! I would have never thought about that.

Mom2Seven said...

Tracy, I love that idea with the parchment paper! Legos, legos, everywhwere legos! I've been stepping on those darn things for twenty years! :) Have a great weekend!


Hi Lynda,
It sounds like you did so many neat projects when you were little since you comment on the fun you had in your youth when I publish a art/craft post! What a blessing! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments. I'll have to show my daughter your compliment for her salon :) Have a blessed weekend!

Hi Anna-Marie,
I hope you get to try the parchment paper idea :)
I think I've been to a "child's" salon like you described one time for my 3rd child's haircut, but since they can be on the expensive side, I try to stay away from the them :) Thanks for the vote in this very tight "race" :) If I ever do pass you, it will be when they will just reset the thing anyway and we'll be back to zero! LOL!

Hi Christine!
Thank you for your visit and comment! Hope you get to try the parchment paper idea :)

Hi Annita!
Glad you like the parchment paper idea! I don't remember where or whom I got the idea from several years ago, but I never look at this item in the baking section the same anymore! :) It sounds like you are ready to Leg-go of those LEGOS since you've been trampling on them for so long! :) They are so fun, but so annoying too! :) Have a blessed weekend!

Melissa N. said...

Thanks tracy for linking up! Looks like some artists in the family for sure!

Thanks Melissa for hosting the LEGO link up! It's been fun to share our creations and see others' great imaginations and creativity!

Unknown said...

Hi Tracy,

Oh my goodness. I love the hair salon! Your daughter did a great job! Tay was loving it as well. Great artwork this week. The T-Rex and the horse are amazing. I love the idea of using parchment paper for tracing. I will have to keep that in mind. Thank you for linking up again this week. I am having so fun looking at everyone's creations. Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S.: I clicked a vote for you on picket fence. Thank you for your vote as well. Talk soon!

Thanks Kimberly for your nice compliment about the hair salon! I will have to show my daughter everyone's nice comments about her creation. Thanks again for hosting the art showcase link up! Thanks for the vote too :) Hope you are having a nice weekend as well! :)

I LOVE the hair salon! That is aweseome! The art is wonderful too! I never thought to use parchment paper! Thanks for the tip! Thank you for linking up last week!

Thanks Michele for stopping by and thank you for hosting the Lego Link up! Have a blessed day!

Kara Chupp said...

Love the idea of featuring Lego fun!

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