Thursday, October 7, 2010

I met a Blogging Buddy in REAL life!

What a special day I had yesterday!  I met Anna-Marie at Life's Adventures in real life!  But how, since she and her husband and two children live overseas in England and I reside on the East coast with my family?

We both started our blogs this past summer and we have been following each other's blogs since then.  Anna-Marie's husband travels alot with his work and they are taking several weeks to visit the states in various locations.   One of these locations happened to be about 30 minutes away from where I live!  So yesterday we were going to meet at a local park, but we had to change plans (due to one of my daughters getting sick in the night) and Anna-Marie and her family met us at my home for a little while before they continued on their exciting vacation!  We had a lovely time chatting and it was great to hear Anna-Marie's sweet voice and talk to her in person.  She's as kind in real life as she is on her blog!   While we chatted, our children ran outside in my backyard.  It was a beautiful day!  The weather was wonderful and the company was even better!
  Here we are with Anna-Marie's two children and my four children on my backyard bench swing. (The sun was very bright! )

Anna-Marie was so sweet to bring treats from England for our children.  My children love the very sweet Scottish Tablet candies!  They also have enjoyed playing with the 2-story bus pencil sharpener located just above the London postcard!  Thank you Anna-Marie!

Our visit was short, but it was just wonderful!  Our family was so blessed to meet her and her beautiful family.  I am so honored that they took time out of their busy vacation plans to stop in to meet us.  I look forward to getting to know Anna-Marie even more through blogging, especially now that I met her.  It really is a small world after all!  I never would have thought when I started my blog that I would have the privilege to meet a blogging friend who lives overseas in England!  Anna-Marie, I hope you continue to have safe and fun travels with your family!  Thank you so much again for your visit!

My family is leaving today to go camping in the NC Mountains. I am looking forward to a nice Fall and blog break.  I do have a post scheduled to be published this Saturday while we are camping so be sure to check it out on Saturday :)

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Melissa N. said...

WOW Tracy that is soo great you got to meet a blogging friend. The treats they brought, how special. Have a great time camping this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Awesome ! I'd love to meet some of my blogging friends in real life :)
Enjoying camping and enjoy taking a break from the computer !

Unknown said...

Very fun to meet a bloggy friend IRL! Have a great weekend!

I had a great time chatting with you and meeting your kids!! Have a fabulous time camping and enjoy your break:)
We will be back visiting and can hopefully get together again
Voted for you today :)

Mom2Seven said...

That is awesome, Tracy!

Unknown said...

I am so glad you and Anna-Marie could get together. It makes the blogosphere seem that much smaller. Have a great weekend. I will keep voting for you. :)

Thanks Melis for your visit and comments :)
I had a great time meeting Anna-Marie and her treats were perfect! Just got home from camping and I hope to post about our adventures soon!

Hi Tammy!
Thanks for your visit and comment! Our camping trip was...interesting and I'm once again on my computer :) I hope to blog about our camping adventures soon :)

Thanks Jen! It was fun meeting my blogging friend and I had a great time camping with my family, despite some of our family members getting sick :(
Will be posting soon about our weekend!

Hi Anna-Marie!
Yes, our meeting was great! Just got back home from camping and it was an interesting, but fun weekend! (The sickness my 6 year old had prior to meeting you hit my husband and littlest one while camping!) Hope to post soon about our wild adventure! Thanks for your votes and I will be voting for you tonight :)

Hi Annita!
Thanks always for your visit and comment and it was awesome meeting Anna-Marie and her family :)
You know that vomit sickness that my 6 yr. old had that my hubby and I were up all night last week with? Well, it hit my hubby and littlest one while camping this weekend! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hope to post soon about our crazy adventure!

Thanks Lynda for your continued visits and comments and votes! I'm so glad Anna-Marie stopped by for a visit with her family! It is a small world, for sure :) I'll be blogging about our wild camping trip sometime soon, I hope :)

Patty said...

Hi Tracy, I just blog hopped over from Jen's. So very nice to meet you! ;)

I, too, have four little beans. Your real-life cupcakes are adorable.

Always nice to find a great Catholic homeschool family! I'm now a follower!

Hi Patty!
Thanks so much for your blog visit, comment and follow! I just hopped on over to your blog and love it! Your family is beautiful and your photography :) I left a comment on your fun fair post and I am now following you :)
Nice to meet you also and I enjoy connecting with wonderful Catholic homeschool families too!
God bless!

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Hello!  Thank you for your Visit!
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