Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cars Beeping Horns Can Be As Fun as Soccer, Soccer, and MORE Soccer!

This past weekend, my 10 year old daughter and 13 year old son had an out of town soccer tournament with their travel soccer teams. Due to a schedule conflict, I was not able to watch the tournament and stayed home with my 14 year old daughter and 19 month old daughter.  But, my husband went with our other 3 children to the tournament.

My 10 year old and 13 year old also each play on local recreation soccer teams.  My oldest daughter, age 14, also plays soccer on the homeschool soccer team and her team plays against private and Christian schools in our area.  So this Spring means soccer, soccer and more soccer!  Practices Monday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings.  Games during the week with the homeschool soccer league and on the weekend locally and out of town for my other 2 soccer players.   

Is your head spinning?  Yep, so is mine!? 

So when we aren't praying, eating, sleeping, or homeschooling, chances are my kids are kicking a soccer ball somewhere and enjoying every minute of it! I'm just so grateful for a super involved hubby and great mom friends who help get everyone to the right practice and game at the right time! 

I thought I would share a fun video and some pictures of our soccer "stars" for this post.  My real life is consumed with soccer so I thought blog life would get a "kick" out of this soccer post (pun intended) ;-)

This is a video my husband took this past Saturday night and this is what you could call getting creative with entertainment.  While the parents are heard in the background trying to figure out a place to go eat for dinner with a big crowd some of my children and other players and siblings thought it would be fun to try to get the cars driving by to beep their horns.  As seen on the video, the kids got very excited when a car actually did beep.  My husband said this entertained everyone for at least 20 minutes when parents frantically searched and called around for a place to eat dinner.  

Here is my 10 year old daughter's team resting in between games and then a (dark) group shot when they came in 2nd for their age group in the tournament!  Go Hurricanes!  My daughter is kneeling in the front middle.

Here is my 13 year old son's team after they also placed 2nd in their age group at the tournament.
My son is standing in the back row on the end on the left side.   Way to go Hurricanes! 

My 14 year old daughter had her first high school soccer game today with the homeschool team against a local Christian school.  They all played great and won 4-0! 

Very proud of my soccer "stars"!  They work hard and have fun with their teammates while enjoying the exercise! 

If I'm not in blog land, chances are I'm on a soccer field trying to watch a game while also running after my 19 month old as she tries to dart onto the fields!  :)

PS: Today, March 9, is the feast day of Saint Dominic Savio!  When we read about him this morning during our Couch Catechism time, my kids were reminded again how young he was when he died...just 15!

Enjoy this beautiful graphic and information of Saint Dominic Savio created for you by SaintNook, where the Saints are always online!   You can follow the Saints online too at the SaintNook Facebook page by "Liking" the page! 

Hope your week is blessed!


Patty said...

Oh my word! My head was spinning reading that!

I know what you mean about juggling it all. Miss Sally will be moving up to another level on her swim team. The new schedule begins next week. She'll be swimming every evening and early Saturday mornings, which sounds convenient, but it totally interferes with dinner, my Confirmation class, etc. But we will figure it out. Eventually ;)

Hope you are having a great week!

Mom2Seven said...

Hi Tracy! We are big on soccer here, too. My oldest daughter, coaches her brother's team as well as a girls team... AND, she plays on an adult women's league. Every spring and fall, soccer rules our schedule! Fun but exhausting since there is still school to do, and my other kids have their interests... piano, horseback riding, and dance! I hope everyone is well! Annita <3

Our oldest son is starting soccer this spring! What fun it looks like your family has!

Juggling the kids' schedules should be an Olympic event :) Hope Sally enjoys her swimming! Thanks for your comment!

Hi Annita,

That's great that we have soccer in common too! Sounds like your house is hopping too and never stopping :) Soccer does take over the schedule, but I'm so grateful Anthony is supportive and helpful. Sometimes he's too much of a soccer addict though! :) Great to hear from you!

Hi Nicole,

Awww I remember my son's first soccer days when he was 5. He actually cried and didn't want to go to the first practice. We had to bribe him with a play date with a friend and a hot dog to get him to go to the practice! :) WOW! How times have changed! Enjoy your soccer season!

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