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"O" Antiphons Lapbook: 2014

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Last year my children and I made "O Antiphon" lapbooks for the first time and I'm reposting how we made the lapbook on this post for 2014. We cut out all the prayers and pages for our book, but we didn't finish coloring our lapbook so we will do that this year.  This lapbook is also like a prayer guide that can be read/prayed through during each of the "O" Antiphon days.    

Like I mentioned in this post, this Advent season I've made a conscious effort to try to learn and embrace the "O" Antiphon prayers and traditions as best as possible with my limited time and energy.  I spent many hours reading and researching great websites (and stayed up way too late) to learn about the "O" Antiphon prayers and then several more hours were spent creating a lapbook from several sources in hopes that our family could learn more together.

So what are the "O" Antiphons?  Lacy at Catholic Icing explains it all so nicely HERE so why reinvent the wheel right? :) 

With Lacy's post HERE at Catholic Icing and Chris' "O" Antiphon lapbook post HERE at Campfires and Cleats, I was inspired to create a lapbook  for my children. :)  I hope that this post will inspire you to learn more about the octave (8 days) before Christmas or the "Golden Nights " and that the lapbook will be used as a type of prayer guide for your children and/or yourself.  

I thought having my kids create a lapbook would be a fun way to learn the "O" Antiphons.  The lapbook was compiled and created from several sources which I will link in hopes that if you try this yourself, it will save you time and not take as long as it did for me. :)  The lapbook includes general information, a novena, Latin and English prayers, and coloring pages.   

The materials are basic:   2 file folders, printouts (refer to links below), one rectangular piece of purple cardstock and one rectangular piece of white cardstock (that is glued on the cover) , scissors, glue, crayons/coloring pencils.

I used 2 file folders, one yellow and one purple, to go with the Golden Nights and Advent theme.  I cut the tabs off the tops of the folders to make the sides look more even. (the right side of the folders below had the tabs that I cut off). 

I then inserted the purple folder into the yellow one and hole punched 2 holes on the left side of the folders, as shown in picture below.

I tied purple curling ribbon through the two holes to bind the folders together.

The Cover:
The top of the lapbook cover (O Antiphons general information) was printed from Lacy at Catholic Icing's Advent Christmas Planner that you can purchase HERE.  I folded the O Antiphons information in half, glued the bottom half, then glued a rectangular piece of purple cardstock (I actually just cut out a rectangle from another purple file folder) to the back of the top half as shown below.

The information that is glued in the middle of the purple rectangle was taken from THIS post. I printed copies of the first page and cut out this short paragraph:  The "O" Antiphons are the verses for the ancient hymn O Come, O Come Emmanuel. The first letter of the Messianic titles: Emmanuel, Rex, Oriens, Clavis, Radix, Adonai, Sapientia—spell out Latin words ERO CRAS, meaning, "Tomorrow, I will come." 

Then each of my children wrote "O" Antiphons Lapbook on white cardstock and glued in the middle of front cover. (We forgot to add the "s" on "Antiphon" on their cover  :)  )

The "Golden Nights" Novena that is shown above was printed from Lacy's Advent Christmas Planner.  She explained how the novena starts on Dec. 16 so I put that on the cover. If you want to include the novena throughout your lapbook, but don't have Lacy's planner you could do a search on "Christmas Novenas" and find a prayer that starts on Dec. 16.  

2nd page (Dec. 17) and 3rd page (Dec. 18) 

On the yellow and purple sides of the lapbook at the top is the corresponding O Antiphons and Corresponding Symbols.  The chart for these symbols for each day can be found HERE.  The coloring pages can be found HERE.  The Novena prayer for each day that is glued onto the bottom of each page was copied from Lacy's Advent Christmas Planner

4th page (Dec. 19) and 5th page (Dec. 20).....refer to links above for printouts

6th Page (Dec. 21) and 7th page (Dec. 22)...refer to links above for printouts 

Last page (Dec. 23)....refer to links above for printouts

I wanted to include the last day of the Christmas Novena (Dec. 24) onto the back cover so I folded it and glued it to the back of the Dec. 23 Novena prayers (if that makes sense).  Here's pictures I took to show you what I mean:

And that's the end of the "O" Antiphons lapbook :)

Here are some pictures of my children starting their lapbooks.  We worked on the cover and Dec. 17 page tonight.  All my efforts were worth it as I heard one of my daughters exclaim, "This is the best Advent ever!" and "This is so fun!" :-)  (which also tells me I should be doing more of this "fun" stuff with my kiddos :-/ )

This is obviously a work in progress as I hope to have my children cut out, paste, and color each page during the "Golden Nights".  I plan to pull out these lapbooks each year so my children will always have a prayer guide during these last days of Advent. I hope to maybe make/buy ornaments some year to go with the "O" Antiphons as I have seen some beautiful ones on the internet! 

I plan to have my family listen to the video clips found HERE of the O Antiphons being sung to celebrate the Golden Nights.  Just beautiful!

Update:   Be sure to check out Jessica's O Antiphons 2014 post HERE at Shower of Roses with lots of fun ideas to celebrate these special days during Advent! 


May you have blessed Golden Nights as we get closer to celebrating the birth of Jesus!


Chris said...

Wow, they look so productive and really into it! And THANK YOU for the shout out! How sweet of you!

I wish we could join you guys making the OA activities together !! I just got all our OA stuff out and ready for Wednesday. Since Tues is Timmy's bday and we take it light on bdays, the OAs tend to creep up on me!~

!I'm not sure this year how we'll tackle celebrating the Antiphons...I'm ready to do the lapbook, but since it's just Timmy and me this year, I'll let him decide if he wants to create one again or really just read about the OA days one by one at night with the adv wreath lit and the whole family around. He's super big on the Jesse Tree every day this advent, so maybe we'll just keep working on those while reading scripture verses, that Jesse Tree storybook and Tabitha's Travels.....We've been delving into Bible stories for each ornament more so than in the past and making our own "family tree" of Jesus's ancestors as we read, writing down wives, other children in the families etc.......We'll have to see how it goes.

I'm loving how you have all the info, the coloring and books all set up!! Your description of each day is awesome!

Enjoy! Maybe you can show us the final product!

Take care and "see" you soon :)

Debbie said...

Hi Tracy - these look amazing! I love the O Antiphons - don't think I am going to get a lapbook off the ground this year, but I am definitely bookmarking it for next - would make a great project for our homeschool co-op. I'm dropping over from Saints365 - glad to have found your blog! Have a blessed 3rd week of Advent!

I saw your comment on catholic icing and I'm so happy I came to check out your post. This is awesome! It's my first time hearing about the O antiphons and I really want to do it with my family. I'm gonna try to make a lap book for us hopefully to use for this year since today's the 17th and all. Thank you for the great resources.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a lap book- individuality and creativity. Perfect for an Advent CCD class!

I love this lapbook and need to do it with my boys next year.

Thanks for linking up to the 40 Days of Seeking Him meme. I love seeing what everyone is doing.

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