Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crazy for Coupons and "H" is for Horse!

I haven't posted since last week partly due to the fact that I have been busy saving money with coupons which has turned into making some extra money also since I have started teaching my "Smith's Savings" Coupon Workshops to teach others how to save money!  
My "official" title is an Independent Coupon Consultant with Delly's Deals.  I had my first workshop this past Saturday and I was so excited to teach to the 24 people that attended.  It was alot of fun and just yesterday I received this email from a lady who took my workshop: 


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot thank you enough for all of the valuable information that you shared with us on Saturday. I put it to work yesterday afternoon on my trip to HT [Harris Teeter]. I broke one of the golden rules and did buy a few things that I didn’t have coupons for but they were necessities.

 I just wanted to share with you that applying the tips/knowledge that you had shared on Saturday I had a total SAVINGS of $130.37! My total bill was $206.52 after my savings. It was AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to continue watching the savings come in (so to speak)! And believe me, I’ve been telling everyone I know! Everyone at work! E-mailing friends out of town. Sharing with family! It truly is AWESOME!!! BTW – The Binder is AMAZING! It is fabulous how everything is right there at your finger tips and I’m not fumbling thru my white business envelope anymore.  I would advise everyone I know or anyone interested in beginning to coupon to get the Binder! It truly is an asset!"
Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me (and the rest of the group) on Saturday."

Wow! I was so happy to receive the lady's email and just so happy that my workshop helped her save so much money!  63%!  Awesome!
The binder she is referring to is an exclusive Delly's Deals product and like I told the ladies at my workshop, some people have a security blanket, I have a security binder! The binder goes with me every time I'm in a grocery store.  It  allows me to see all my coupons by aisle to maximize my savings at the register and has allowed me to save 50% or more each time I check out! 
This past week at Harris Teeter, it was a special coupon week since all coupons $1.98 or less double.  Harris Teeter doubles coupons everyday up to 99 cents, but every 6 weeks or so they have the special coupon weeks where the high dollar coupons will double!  So $1.00 off coupons double to $2.00 off coupons, $1.50 off coupons double to $3.00 off!  Awesome!

Last night I went shopping again during Super Double week and got these groceries that totaled $55.58 before store sales and coupons.

But, with store sales and coupons I paid...(drum roll)
$7.82 !!!!!
The Smart Balance milk was free because it was on sale for 2 for $3.00 and I had (2) $1.50 off coupons for the milk.  During Super Doubles week the $1.50 doubles to $3.00 off making each milk FREE!  
Now that's what I call low prices....Always! ;)
Being crazy for coupons saves lots of money!  

OK, now it's time to step out of coupon world and back into the world of homeschooling...Last week I continued my Alphabet Boxes with my 4 year old and we were on the letter "H" so we did the following activities. 

Making letter "H" with dot paint markers.  I got this idea for the Hh dots from Our Crafts N Things who got the templates from Confessions of a Homeschooler

She decorated this Hh template with foam hearts and stamped houses and horses.  I get all my letter templates like this from Alphabuddies Alphabet Section at DLTK.Kids

She loved making horses from her handprints and she colored the feet with red "hoof" polish ;)

Happy Shopping, Saving, and Schooling!

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Delly said...

Tracy, I love how you inspire people in so many ways with your talents! Keep up the great work on everything. Beautiful projects for the kids- I may do the "H" project with Zoe, as I'm always looking for new craft ideas and she absolutely loves crafts (she loved the craft kit you got her for her birthday, too)!

Delly said...

OMG- I just saw the handprint horse project- so cute! I love how simple but creative it is!

Patty said...

LOVE the horse art!!!! Too cute!!!

You are amazing with your coupons. Will we be seeing you on that coupon show any time soon? :) Keep up the hard work!

So happy your couponing class went well! I wish we had a Harris Teeter closer to home. It makes such a difference when a store doubles.

So great that your couponing class was a hit, what a lovely letter you got from one of the participates:) So glad you can make money from it:) Great to see your 4 yr old school work as well. Voted for you today

Unknown said...

Your couponing is really paying off, and it's really great that you are sharing what you've learned. Congratulations on the success of your class!

Your cupcake is so cute, and it's wonderful to see her work. Bravo!

Sharla said...

It's great that you are able to pass along your coupon knowledge to others. Since I started couponing almost a year ago, I have been able to cut out grocery bill in half and it has been such a blessing. What you are doing will bless families and help them in such a practical way. Good for you!

Wow Tracy, I am so impressed by your couponing acumen! Being a truly efficient and effective couponer has long been a wish of mine. But I haven't felt like I had the time to devote to learn how to do it. You are making me want to find the time . . . Thanks for linking up. As always I enjoy my visits with you! Smiles -

Mary Jo said...

Love, love, love the horse picture! So adorable..... And wow. I love the coupon system. I'll have to really push hard and look into it all. :) Peace to you.

LeAnn said...

Wow, I am impressed with the savings and I will be checking out the link.
I loved the pictures of your daughter working on her H.
Thanks for the link to the coupon site.

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