Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moon Cookies and "G" is for Gingerbread

So what does the moon and cookies have in common?

The answer:  The cookies can look like the moon phases and make for a special and yummy homeschool lesson as we continue our Apologia Astronomy studies this year.

Since this is our last week in our homeschool before Christmas, I thought my "cupcakes" and I would enjoy a break from the usual book routine and do this idea that I have read from different sources. 

As we discussed the phases of the moon, each child used a plastic knife to scrape the cookie icing to make it look like the particular phase.

I then had them draw and label each phase on paper. 

So by the end of their lesson their paper looked like this:

This week, my 4 year old cupcake was learning about the "G" as in Gingerbread as we continue our Preschool Alphabet Boxes.  It was perfect timing to do fun gingerbread activities since Christmas is just around the corner!  So I printed off pages from a December issue of The Mailbox magazine that had an activity to measure the Area and Perimeter of a gingerbread picture.  We used raisins, marshmallows, and chocolate chips and each child recorded their findings. The cupcakes couldn't wait to count their treats, record, and then eat some of them!   Here are pictures from the activity.

My 4 year old was content to just color her gingerbread and decorate him with chocolate chips...

She also liked playing with the marshmallows and was having fun with the sticky treats...
She ate a few treats too!

Each year it's a family tradition to put together a gingerbread house.  A pre-packaged gingerbread house that is! :) 

So while my hubby was gluing the walls with the sugary icing....

...I had my children sort the hard candy into colors to keep them busy and to try to keep them from eating all the decorations!

Then it was time to have fun to decorate the house...

And here is the house all done!

The proud artists...

The hungry artists...

The silly artists...

For a Gingerbread Scratch and Sniff Paint Activity, check out Catholic Icing's post HERE!

So far we have enjoyed our last week in the 2011 school year as we anxiously and joyfully await the celebration of Jesus' birth!

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noreen said...

How fun for your children. Using yummy treats is a fantastic incentive to learn. Their gingerbread house turned out great!

Mom2Seven said...

Awesome, Tracy! You are such a creative teacher! Today was our last day until after the New Year. I have several crafts lined up and a lot of baking to do, but the books will be set aside for a couple weeks. Merry Christmas! Love, Annita +JMJ+

noreen said...

I meant to ask you, have you ever celebrated the Feast of St. Stephen with your children? I'm looking for ideas and have trouble locating any printables online.

Great job on the ginger bread house. We make one every year also I have it posted this week. I have been reading your post about the saints just not commenting due to time constraints. Also voting for you regularly;)

noreen said...

Hi Tracy,

This is where I found the Advent Wreath code:

I wanted to add a thank you to the curt jester on the button, but I'm not sure how to do it. I've seen it on other blogs but I'm clueless on how to do it so it will fit.

Tiffany said...

Great ideas and fun stuff! Love how you repurpose the yummy snacks:-) Especially loved the phases of the moon. Enjoy the final days of Advent...we are rounding the bend:-)

Melissa N. said...

Love all the activities! I am going to link on my FB page!

Lisa Boyle said...

Tracy, I just LOVE the moon activity with the cookies! We are going to do that book next year (my younger 2 are doing the Land Animals book this year). I sure hope I remember it because I know they would love doing something like that. Very, very creative! :-)

Your gingerbread house looks great! Awesome job!

What a wonderful way to end your school year.

Hope you have a great weekend!
Many blessings,

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