Thursday, January 27, 2011

March, Prayers, and Cheerio Bracelets

This post highlights different topics:  West Coast March for Life, Prayers for Patty, and Cheerio Bracelets

West Coast March for Life
If you have been following my blog, you know that my family and I just went for the first time to the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. recently and I blogged about it HERE.  Tiffany at Family at the Foot of the Cross commented on my blog post to let me know that she took part in the West Coast March for Life in San Francisco.  I was not aware that the West Coast had a March for Life until Tiffany told me and I enjoyed reading her beautiful post about her experience.  I encourage you to visit Tiffany's March for Life post HERE.
In Tiffany's post she mentioned that Abby Johnson, author and pro-life advocate, was one of the West Coast speakers.  Abby has a new book, titled unPlanned, where she shares her incredible story.   I am very interested in reading how this former Planned Parenthood worker is now speaking in support of life. Find out more about Abby's book HERE

Prayers for Patty
Tiffany just posted another beautiful and touching post about Patty at Reasons for Chocolate who recently found out that she lost the child she was carrying in her womb, when the doctor's could no longer detect the child's heartbeat. You can read Tiffany's post HERE about Patty.  Please keep Patty and her family in your prayers during this time of loss and sorrow.

Cheerio Bracelets
"Mommy" at My Adventures in Mommyland linked up this post HERE at the January No Ordinary Blog Hop that I am co-hosting with Lynda and Anna-Marie.  After reading "Mommy's" post, I thought stringing Cheerio "beads" was an easy and fun idea to keep my 3 year old cupcake occupied. So I tried it out recently and I was amazed that this fun activity kept my daughter's attention for longer than 5 minutes!  She actually worked on her two cheerio bracelets for at least 20 minutes which gave me some time to work with my other children during our homeschool lessons.  Here are some photos I took of our cupcake stringing her cheerio bracelets and then she proudly showed me her finished "jewelry" :)

I got out the pink pipe cleaners and some 
(stale) cheerios :)  and let her go to town!

She's almost done with one of her bracelets!

When she was done stringing the Cheerios, we tied the two ends together

She loves her new, fragile "jewelry" and she couldn't wait to show Daddy when he got home from work! 

Thanks to My Adventures in Mommyland for this fun and easy idea for my busy one!

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Wow Thanks I'm so glad you guys enjoyed my activity idea. And what a great idea to turn it into bracelets! :)

My Adventures in Mommyland

Tiffany said...

Hi Tracy~ Thanks for the link-up! I was told that we should try to buy the Ignatius Press version of Abby Johnson's book. It is currently sold out but the IP site will allow you to purchase and will be shipping more soon. The Amazon version is an abridged version, leaving out her conversion to the Catholic Faith. I will be updating the info. on my blog too. See this review:
Thanks for the prayers for Patty and her family too! Love the cheerios bracelet...awesome idea that I will be using:-) Oh, and also adding your Walk for Life link to mine! God Bless!!!!

Mom2Seven said...

Hi Tracy, What a cutie! I think I am going to try the Cheerio bracelet with Marin tomorrow.

I saw an interview with Abby Johnson. I know many women who are reading her book now. I would like to myself at some point (I'm working on two books right now with three more waiting to be read).

Have you ever visited Leila at Little Catholic Bubble? Excellent, excellent apologetics blog. There is a post right now being discussed about the West Coast march.

Prayers for Patty. I have had 6 miscarriages in addition to my seven kiddos, so I completely understand what she is going through.

Have a good evening! +JMJ+

Unknown said...

What a wonderful post! Your littlest cupcake is just adorable, and so proud of her bracelet. It looks lovely. Some other great links for me to check out. I have been out of the loop trying to keep up around here. Will have to catch up soon with everyone. I will be praying for Patty and family. Have a blessed day tomorrow and the weekend. (I voted for you.)

Sending out prayers for Patty how awful to lose a child. Will have to look into that book I haven't heard of it. Your cupcake is so cute what a smile of accomplishment:) Voted for you today.

Renee said...

Your 3-yr-old cupcake is adorable. And Abby's book looks so good. Have you read it?

Hi "Mommy",
Thanks for stopping by to see how I loved your cheerio/pipe cleaner idea!

Hi Tiffany,
Thanks for the heads up on the Amazon information concerning Unplanned. I "Liked" Abby's Facebook page and asked on her wall how can Amazon sell an abridged version of an autobiography? So companies can pick and choose what they like or dislike about someone's life story? That doesn't make sense. Thanks for linking my post to your West Coast March post ! Thanks always for your visit, and comment :)

Hi Annita!
Were you able to try out the bracelets with Marin? If so, I would love to hear how it went.
I hope to read Abby's book too.
Thanks for the Little Catholic Bubble link! It is a great site with many followers it seems. She has many children also and her posts are inspiring. I clicked on her post about the West Coast March for Life and I had NO idea people could be so vulgar and horrid with their anti-life signs and gestures! WOW! Satan is doing a happy dance because of their actions and hardened hearts and it is just so sad to see people act this way!
I am so sorry for your losses and all women who have suffered miscarriages. I'm sure prayers are felt during these times.
I hope you had a blessed weekend! Thanks always for stopping in and visiting and leaving a comment :)

Hi Lynda!
It sounds like you are making great "organization" progress with your home so I wouldn't worry about feeling like you are out of the loop :) You can come and organize my house better when you are done with yours :)
Hope you had another productive weekend! Thanks always for your visit and comment!

Hi Anna-Marie,
I look forward to getting Abby's book and reading it someday too :) Thank you for your visit!

Thanks Renee Ann! No, I haven't read Abby's book, but I hope to soon! Thanks for your visit and comment :)

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