Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

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As the saying goes and my motto these days in blog land, better late than never, as I publish this post a day after Mother's Day 2016.  I just thought I'd share a few highlights of my day so I can look back on it one day and actually remember it.  I have MBS (Mommy Brain Syndrome) so my blog keeps memories documented for my benefit. :)

I can sum up my Mother's Day with the words grateful and relaxing.   The only gift I wanted from my children was to have them not argue with one another since in the Smith house this happens waaaaaay too much.  Uggghhh!  I could tell they were trying really hard to make the day peaceful and I was grateful!

In the morning, all my kids woke up in good moods and got ready for Mass without fighting!  Yes!  (OK, so maybe you are thinking the Smith household can be like a war zone sometimes...well, you're right! ;) ) My 8 year old and 15 year old daughters sang in the girls choir at Mass and my 8 year old sang the "Alleluia" chorus with her friend.  They did a beautiful job!  My daughter is in the pink top standing next to her friend with our fabulous choir teacher singing for support. :)
I told my family I wanted a family photo outside of church after Mass which was not a surprise request for them. :)

After Mass we went down to the beach for a few hours and it was just fun to hang out!  In the evening my wonderful husband grilled burgers outside on the charcoal grill near our family campsite behind our house at the edge of the woods.  My family surprised me with a beautiful orchid after dinner.  I just love orchids! They are beautiful and so easy to take care of!  I didn't get to see my Mom on Mother's Day because she and my Dad are on a cruise with friends. (tough life! :) ) Above is a photo of my Mom and I from back in November 2015 on her birthday with the photo of the orchid and my family after Mass.

It was a beautiful day and I am so grateful for the vocation of marriage and motherhood.  My husband gave me the gift of time as I relaxed and read a great book, Trusting God with St. Therese. I have loved reading this book! It's a gem and it's just what I need to be reading during this season of my life.

I am so grateful for my children and I try to not take any of my blessings for granted as I keep in prayer all women who struggle with infertility and who have lost children through abortion, miscarriage and sickness.

I'll close this post by sharing one of my favorite quotes:

"The most important person on earth is a mother. She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral. She need not. She has built something more magnificent than any cathedral-a dwelling place for an immortal soul, the tiny perfection of her baby's body...Even the angels have not been given such a grace! What is more glorious than this - to be a mother." -Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty  

And this is a prayer I say often during prayer times that came from Mother's Manual. It covers all that I feel as a mother on a daily basis and reminds me to look toward our Blessed Mother for love, guidance and peace.  Every time I pray this beautiful prayer it speaks to my heart in a special way.

 Mary, Help Me

Dear Mary, I who am a mother, have you for my mother.  Thank you!  I really need you, Mary, as my Queen, my mother, my friend.

For the energy and spirit to arise each morning with a joyful heart - My Mother Mary help me.

In the difficulties and setbacks of each day - Mary help me.  

When I feel tired and depressed - Mary help me. 

When the outlook is bleak and there is no one to console or encourage me - Mary help me.

When I feel impatient with my family - Mary help me. 

When others are impatient or rude to me, by your gentleness - Mary help me. 

When others speak angrily or loudly to me, and I feel like snapping back, that I would answer calmly and gently - Mary help me. 

When my plans don't work out, my efforts seem in vain, and I feel discouraged - Mary help me. 

When I try my best and others don't understand -Mary help me. 

When worry and anxiety clutch at my heart and it is difficult to be at peace - dear Mother Mary help me!

When there is no one around to support me in trouble - Mary help me. 

Dear God, grant that through Mary's intercession, all things in my life and my family will work out for the good.  May I grow day by day to be more like her, My Mother, my Queen.  In the name of your Son Jesus I pray. Amen. 

Have a blessed week!


Patty said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day, Tracy!

Thank you Patty! I hope your day was lovely as well!

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