Thursday, February 26, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Snow, Swimming, and Sickness!

It's been a week since I lasted posted on my blog here with my 7 ways to bury the "ALLELUIA", which by the way is still not too late to do :)

Some of the reasons I have not updated my corner of blog land can be explained by this edition of
7 Quick Takes hosted by Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum.  This past week can be summarized nicely by the 3 "S's": Snow, Swimming, and Sickness!


This past Monday through Wednesday we went down to Myrtle Beach, SC for a little break from the books.  The trip only takes us about an hour and a half from where we live and I went with a friend of mine and her 3 younger children.  We went to a resort with an indoor water park with heated pools, waterslides and an outdoor hot tub.  The kids loved sitting in the hot tub outside while the freezing rain and sleet pelted their faces.   Back home we got a dusting of snow as my husband sent the photo of part of our backyard.  My kids were disappointed to miss the "big" snow while we were away, but it came and went so fast in our area and they were a little distracted with water fun they quickly got over the snow.  

So I wish I could say I enjoyed getting my bathing suit on and jumping in the pools and hot tub with my kids, BUT I went down to SC not feeling great and I only felt worse on Tuesday.  Soooo my little one and I literally stayed in our room in our "pent house" on the 14th floor of our hotel because I had chills, cough and a slight fever.  The picture above on the right is what I took while laying in the King size bed trying to rest with my youngest daughter in the darkened room with the door to the room ajar a little.  My friend was in charge of my older 4 kids and her 3 kids at the water park while I tried to survive sickness away from home.  Ugggghhh! 

It wasn't a bad view from one of our windows in our hotel room even with the gray skies and cold rain.  

Tuesday afternoon I was going a little stir crazy in my hotel room while all the kids were at the water park downstairs. I knew I didn't want to go swimming having chills already with a coat and long pants on so we broke up the day and headed to the nearby Ripley's Aquarium.  It was worth the trip just for me to get out of my room, though I didn't feel great and it was cold and rainy in and out of the car.  But, it was also worth the trip to the aquarium because as a homeschool family instead of paying $23.99 per ticket, it only cost $8 per child and per adult.  That's one of the best homeschool discounts I've seen for an attraction so we have visited this aquarium many times before. 

I counted down the hours until my husband could drive down to meet us after his work on Tuesday evening because I wanted a little break from my toddler and I was trying to get enough energy to make it through the trip.    Here is a picture of all the kids and my husband swimming in one of the heated pools on Tuesday evening after our pizza dinner.  My youngest was finally able to get in the pool since I was still bundled up in my winter coat and pants. 

More pool pictures of our 18 month old with Daddy and big sister.  


Here is a very short clip of my husband going down one of the various indoor water slides.  The camera goes crazy as the water gushed over the side onto my socks and tennis shoes as I tried backing away from the splash.  The kids and my husband enjoyed the slides too!  I, on the other hand, took their word for it that the indoor water park was a blast for them. :)  

I'm happy to say I'm finally feeling better, of course, after the vacation :/   

This weekend we will have our annual breadmaking gathering with our homeschool group as we will prepare breads for our annual St. Joseph altar and celebration coming up in March. The breadmaking and St. Joseph celebration are some of our family's favorite traditions with our homeschool group!  

For more Quick Takes, be sure to visit This Ain't The Lyceum

Have a blessed weekend!


Unknown said...

Sounds like the family had a great time, but sorry that you were not well.

Billie Jo said...

Oh...I am so sorry you were sick away from home!
So glad you had a great friend with you and plenty of indoor fun for the older kids. : )
Hope you are all on the mend, and can enjoy a wonderful, cozy weekend.
You kids would love the snow up here in PA!!!!!!

Patty said...

Oh, Tracy. You poor thing! I felt so bad for you while reading this. It's bad enough to be sick, but away from home AND having to entertain a little one. I"m glad you are feeling better.

Thanks Tara, Billie Jo and Patty for your sweet and thoughtful comments! Thanks for stopping in! Of course I felt better AFTER the trip :) Hoping you are having a blessed week! :)

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