Thursday, June 5, 2014

Disney Day 3: Epcot on Wednesday (5/28/14)

We survived Disney Day 1 at Magic Kingdom, Disney Day 2 at Hollywood Studios, and now it was time to have some fun at Epcot!  Like all my Disney blog posts, it is really difficult to capture all the fun and memories in just a few favorite pictures so this is just a glimpse of such a great week and a huge, fun park like Epcot.    

So it is the middle of the week and the troops are a bit slow to get out of bed...
 But, it never took them long to jump up and get ready for another full day of adventure!

I must add here that all week, our youngest was a champ, taking naps in the stroller or I carried her in my Ergo carrier.  She was "SO HAPPY" to catch naps when she could and she enjoyed all the sights and sounds of Disney too! (when she wasn't napping) :)

The first stop when the gates opened was Test Track, a very popular ride!  We were one of the first people in the park because we got to the park at least an hour before opening and waited patiently and by Wednesday, one of the many things I learned at Disney is the earlier the better as far as trying to not have to deal with so many people first thing in the morning. 

So we literally ran/jogged/briskly walked to the corner of the park where Test Track was located! My husband and the 4 older kids got on with little wait time, while I sat out with the baby.

Then with the Rider Switch Pass (with these passes the other parent can go through the Fast Pass line with their other children), I was able to ride it.  You get to design your own car on a computer screen, then on the ride your car goes through performance tests and your car is ranked.  Then the last part of the ride, you get up to 65 mph outside on a track.  It was alot of fun and another family favorite! 

We spent alot of time in "The Land" area of the park.

Here we went on a guided tour called "Living with the Land" which allowed its visitors to travel through greenhouses of The Land Pavilion and see some very impressive gardening techniques and crops!
The picture on the right shows how fish at the bottom of the tank give the plants above them nutrients.  I'm not explaining this entirely correctly, but it is a fascinating and successful concept!

We enjoyed "The Seas with Nemo and Friends" attraction...

Later in the afternoon, we finally visited World Showcase where you can visit 11 countries and each worker is from that country.  11 countries are showcased and we didn't get to stay long at all of them, but we did walk around to at least see them.

We really enjoyed Mexico and we loved the boat ride attraction in Mexico.  We also were able to listen to a band and watch a little girl dance with the band.  Here's a clip of what we enjoyed...(if I downloaded the video correctly)

There was too long of a wait for Norway's boat ride so we went ahead to visit China.

I loved the decorative ceiling in the building behind us...

We just happened to see Chinese acrobats perform a show and they were incredibly talented and flexible.  One of the ladies was an amazing contortionist!  There was a man who was using several circular rings to make beautiful designs using his body. We videotaped a lot of it and were so enthralled by it all that we snapped just a few pictures.  It was really a fascinating show!

We stopped in Italy...

It was dinner time so we headed to Japan and ate in a Japanese restaurant.  We had a lot of fun taking pictures with the chopsticks :)

After our delicious Japanese meal, we continued walking around visiting some of the other countries...

I would have loved to spend more time in each country, but it was getting late and it was time to see the fireworks show at Epcot, which was another fun thing to do!

Our family really enjoyed Epcot!

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Chris said...

Oh my gosh...loving the travelogue of your trip!!

The pics are great and you all look like you're having the time of your lives.

We last went to WDW in 2010 ( actually that was the only time we went all together...before that the two of us went on our honeymoon...which was amazing, but I wouldn't recommend going to the MK on New Year's Eve, ever!) This brought back such fun memories bc Epcot is my favorite!
When my dad was retired and my parents used to spend time in Fl during the winters they went to Epcot the week it opened in the 80s and couldn't say enough about how unique it was. Since then I've loved it.

Thanks for all the fun!
Looking fwd to more.

Unknown said...

Love your travel blog although it makes me wish all the more we could get back to Disney. Glad you had a great time

Hi Chris,

WDW on New Year's Eve...Yikes! I can only imagine that crowd :) That is a great story about your Dad and how he was there at Epcot during opening! Thanks so much for "traveling" to Disney with us via my posts :) Hope you get to go back with your family soon!

Hi Tara,

I know, writing my own Disney posts makes me want to go back :) The posts bring back so many fun and memorable Disney moments! My next project will be to put Disney pics in a Picaboo photo album in my "spare" time! Ha! Thanks for traveling to Disney with me via my posts :)

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