Friday, August 23, 2013

Another (Home) School Year Begins with Traditions!

We eased back into our homeschool schedule this week trying to implement our 2013-2014 curriculum. It was a busy week, to say the least, as we all adjusted to the school routine and juggling a new "student" in our school who does an A+ job at sleeping, nursing, dirtying her diaper, and being oh so cute!
 My new student, Cupcake #5, who is almost 4 weeks old already, is so bored by her siblings' assignments that she sleeps alot during the day! ;-)  

One of my 4 "Teacher Assistants" for the new student :-)

As in year's past, we started our first day of our 2013-2014 school year making our "Tee-rific T-shirts" .  We talked about all our fun adventures over the summer and our favorite parts of the summer.  Then my children drew and colored on their paper t-shirts about some things that represented their summer fun.  I got my t-shirt copies from the book,  The MAILBOX: Bulletin Boards For Busy Teachers book for Fall, Winter, Spring, Anytime.
Here is a link to a free t-shirt printout that is similar to The Mailbox version that I used:  Click here for the printable t-shirt.

Another new school year tradition that we have done for the past several years now is to make and decorate a cross cake.  Since our homeschool is called Sacred Heart Academy we usually use icing to draw Jesus' Sacred Heart in the middle of the cake with the homeschool year on the cake.  Then my kids dump decorate the cake with sprinkles of all colors, their favorite part!  Here's some pics from our cross cake fun this week:

What are some of your new school year traditions, whether you homeschool or not?


Those are such cute traditions! We start homeschooling Monday. I really like the Tee riffic shirt idea. I might "steal" it :) Thanks! Congrats on your 5th little student!

Unknown said...

While I'm obviously not a home schooler, I think I'm going to tweak this a little and incorporate this into my classes!

You have your Hands full. All your cupcakes are cute. Have a very blessed school year

Chris said...

Oh my gosh, love the t shirts and the cake idea!
I may steal both!
Our school is the Blessed JP II Academy...hmmm, any thoughts on a cake? Papal flag? Map or flag of Poland on a cake? (Did I tell you that Kev is choosing "Karol" as his confirmation name?? So proud of him for that!)
I'm sitting here drowning in curriculum, sorting by subject and borderline panicking that I can juggle the courses as they get more rigorous this year. My husband thinks I'm nuts for being doubtful. I just had an episode of nuttiness.
I guess it helps that he's so confident in me.

I love the ideas...and your pics are SO SO wonderful. wow, she's SUCH a cutie! All your kids look like they are having a blast and will learn a ton this year!
Looking fwd to more posts! keep em coming!
We don't start til the day after labor Day and then, it's to do 'orientation....' Previewing the year, the curric, their materials and textbooks, that Thurs after Labor day we're on full swing. But this year, in addition to violin lessons on Mondays for 45 min, they are in the HS orchestra, which is an additional day out of the house and close to an hour's drive each way. It;s a new friends and experiences. Sigh. It's just gonna require organization and scheduling and maybe working in the car!

"talk" to you soon...
Thanks for letting me vent.
YOU are juggling a lot and you're very inspirational!

Allison said...

I too LUV the enthusiasm and the photos. Your precious baby will be a lesson herself this year. I remember those days and their sweetness. God bless you all and your school year!

Patty said...

Gosh! Baby looks like I feel on most mornings if I don't get my cup of Joe in! LOL

Chris said...

Just ordered History Thru the Ages on your rec...the Resurr to Revolution title.... we mainly use living books and I write cur to match the grade level goals and topics...But I really think we;ll like this.!!

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