Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby Smith #5's First Photos (Ultrasound)

I'M BACK!  Well, at least for this post!  For those who may have followed my blog for awhile you may have noticed that I haven't posted in awhile (My dear follower, A.R., you come to mind :) )   Each day my goal is to survive and try to hold down my food, hence I haven't had much energy or patience to sit at a computer and update my blog.  Not to mention I have been fighting a cold and sore throat these past few days.  Whew! I'm looking forward to healthier and nauseous-free days ahead! 

I'm 11 weeks pregnant today!  Yippee! The first trimester and even past my first trimester I feel yuck and have all day and night "morning" sickness.  But, this too shall pass (like my other "yuck" phases in my last 4 pregnancies) and I'm just thankful that our little one is growing strong and healthy! 

Here are a few pictures from my ultrasound appointment last week.  I was 10 weeks, 3 days and he/she is a beauty and amazing! The heart was beating rapidly at 161 beats/minute and my husband I and could see the spine and its legs and arms moving about, maybe even waving "hello" to us! :)

The baby is looking at us with the "alien" looking head :)  Is he/she smiling at us???    

Now the little fingers are waving in front of face!

Fetal Development Week 10Here's some more information about Week 10 of Pregnancy from What to Expect. Fascinating! 

Your baby's growth is fast and furious when you are 10 weeks pregnant. He or she is nearly an inch and a half long and the size of a prune, but not nearly as shriveled (even with all the time it spends in water). In fact, your baby is really taking a human shape now. Bones and cartilage are forming, and small indentations on the legs are developing into knees and ankles. The arms (complete with elbows) can flex already, but don't run to the store for a baseball bat just yet. Though your baby's arms are taking shape and getting stronger, each one is only about the size of this number 1.
The tooth bud fairy is making her appearance this week, heralding the arrival of your baby's little choppers, which are forming under the gums. (Those pearly whites won't break through the gums until your baby is close to six months old). Other systems are go, too. Your baby's stomach is producing digestive juices, the kidneys are producing larger quantities of urine, and, if your baby's a boy, he's already producing testosterone (yikes!). 

I hope to be back sooner than later for a next post!  But, until then I'll be busy growing a sweet baby!

Have a blessed day!


Melissa N. said...

AHHH Congratulations! The Lord is blessing your family again! That is awesome! Can't wait to see if you share the journey with your followers 8) XO Happy New Year!

Chris said...

How adorable is that baby!! Oh my goodness!
I truly hope you feel better soon, too, Tracy! Poor girl.....I completely understand how you feel as I was sick through my pregnancies.....having a cold on top of it is pretty awful...but you sound really upbeat!!
Stay well...can't wait for more updates when you are able!

Laurie said...

Precious!! I love your update. :) Look forward to hearing more when you feel better, which I hope is soon!

Mom2Seven said...

Fantastic pictures! So glad you are hanging in there... thanks for the email. Prayers and more prayers for that little unborn one of yours! +JMJ+

It is so exciting to see a picture of your baby for the first time. I bet the other kids were so excited. Hope you get over your all day sickness soon:)

Unknown said...

Even through all the sickness your excitement at this new little blessing is clear. Thank you for sharing the ultrasound pics. Praying that you will be feeling better soon.

Liss said...

Congratulations!! Hope you start to feel better soon.

Delly said...

Beautiful, Tracy! What a blessed baby to be welcomed into such a loving family!

Mary said...

Congratulations, Tracy!!~

LeAnn said...

What a very fun post; thanks for sharing the pictures of that little one and the explanation of growth. I had all day nausea with all six of my children. It would usually end after the 12-14th week.
To me that was the hardest part of being pregnant. I would rather have the baby than go through that first trimester.
Blessings to you and that growing little one.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am a new follower from NOBH and look forward to watching your journey. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The good news is, after you get past the
10 weeks pregnant symptoms, things start to get easier. Hang in there!

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