Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Happy Fall Ya'll !!

What do you get when your daughters and their friend gather art supplies and use their imagination?
 .... a beautiful Fall poster to say "Happy Fall Ya'll!"

One of my blogging friends, Anna-Marie at Life's Adventures, recently posted some awesome sea creatures and scenes made from pumpkins and colorful squash!  Click here to visit her "Autumn is my favorite season" post. (You can click on each photo to make it larger to see the lovely Fall masterpieces.)  Thanks Anna-Marie for sharing these photos!

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Tracey what a lovely post thanks for linking people back to my site:) I am so glad you and your children liked the pictures. I voted for you today:)

Anonymous said...

Great Fall Poster ! My son Bryton has been making pictures of apples and pumpkins ! We love fall at our home too !

Hi Anna-Marie! Thanks for your nice comment and I'm so glad to be able to link back to your autumn post because the pictures are so neat! I clicked a vote for you this morning! Thanks :)
Have a great day!

Hi Tammy! Fall is so fun, isn't it? I love how the hot,humid, summer air changes to cooler temps and I love all the fall decorations in nature and at home. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment :)

Auntie E said...

Great post, love the kids art.
My WW link for you Making it easier to visit each other.

The best kind of art!!

I have an award waiting for you at Lucy's!

Unknown said...

Tracy, you caught me. I do have (3) blogs now, but I have my son's permission. I have been prioritizing my time better the last few days. I really am on a break, but I have specific times now when I can blog. I, of course will be posting about it, but later. Thank you for being my first follower on My Heart's Desire: Health In Him. I clicked a vote for you.

LeeAnn said...

Fun! I hope my daughter gets into crafty stuff one day. I am really in to all of the fall posts today since we don't really get that season here in Central Florida. ;-)

Thanks for linking up with me today! I hope you're having a great day!

Mom2Seven said...

Fall is our favorite season as well, but it is going to be 92 today! We are still swimming in the afternoons when school is wrapped up! I am ready to put on a cardigan and sip on a pumpkin spice cappuccino! +JMJ+

Hi "Auntie E",
Thanks for your visit and comment! I just stopped by and left a comment under your WW jellyfish post! Those jellyfish are awesome!
I'm now following you on GFC and Networked Blogs!
Have a great day!

Hi Carmen at "Closer to Lucy"!
What a wonderful surprise to receive the lovely blog award from you! Thank you so very much! I appreciate it!
I added your name and blog to my post here about the award:

Thanks for your visit and passing on the award to me :)

Thanks Lynda for your visit and comment! I need to get on a better blogging schedule too. I look forward to reading your tips on how to do this since you always share such wonderful and useful ideas! I voted for you today too! Thanks!

Hi LeeAnn!
Thanks for your visit and comment! I'm glad you stopped by from the link up! Happy (warm) Fall to you :)

Hi Annita,
Yes, it is still warm where I am too, but not as humid as the summer months. Lately, the breeze has been blowing and the temps are cooler (in the shade, at least). We've been watching 3 soccer games each weekend for our older 3 children and they have been hot in the sun and it's easy to forget that Fall is here!
I am thankful and ready for the seasonal change :)
Hope you are doing well!

Unknown said...

You always have a kind word to share, but I always feel that I fall short with my family. Thank you for the vote, I voted for you too!

Unknown said...

I forgot to mention. My son wanted to help me make buttons for my other blogs, and my original blog's button wasn't good enough. The new one is available.

Hi Lynda!
Oh, I too fall short with kindness with my family so we have this in common :) Thanks for the vote, as always!
That's awesome that your son is into your blog and helps you out :) I'll go check out your new button! Have a good weekend!

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