Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Sweet Blog Award and I've been Tagged! Have You?

Heather, at Mommy Only Has Two Hands, has awarded my blog the Sweet Blog Award.  I didn't even know there was such an award in the blogosphere, but one of the joys of blogging is being able to learn something new everyday about blogging (and blog awards) and about people all over the world!  I am grateful that Heather thinks that my blog is award worthy.  Congrats Heather on receiving this award from another blogger and thank you for passing it onto me!

Now for the rules:

1.) Post award on your blog

2.) Thank the blogger who sent it to you

3.) Award 15 other bloggers this Sweet Blog Award

4.) Tell them all you think their blog is Sweet

One of the best things about getting another award is paying it forward to 15 other blogs. There are so many sweet and great blogs out there, it has been tough to narrow down this list, but here are the 15 blogs that I would like to pass the Sweet Blog Award on to:

1. Lisa at Raising Future Leaders
2. Patty at Reasons for Chocolate
3. Lisa at Little House That Grew
4. "Queen Bee" at Buzzing the Day Away
5. Mary at Homeschool Success
6. LeeAnn at The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too!
7. Hooper and Ann at Birds of a Feather...
8. Melis at The Joys of Home Educating
9. Patty at Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool
10. Dawn & Raphael at Just Married with coupons
11. Marie at The Things We Find Inside
12. Lisa at All things Gale
13. Carmen at Closer to Lucy
14. Rebecca at Mom's Mustard Seeds
15. Tammy at Tammy's Two Cents
And now I would like to "tag" the 15 blogs I mentioned above!  Read below for more details: 
Kylie at Our Worldwide Classroom recently "tagged" me after she was tagged by another blogger.  Thank  you Kylie for the tag graphic :) Kylie passed this little game of fun onto me. Basically it's a simple round of question and answer, where the tagger gets to ask the questions and the taggee gets to answer them!

So Kylie asked me the following questions and my answers are in red:

1. Why Do You Blog? I originally started blogging to document the decorative cakes that I have made for my children over the years.  I also want to share my love for my Catholic faith and homeschool familyNFP ministry and my in-home business with visitors to my blog.  What's The Number One Reason You Keep On Doing It?  I keep blogging to be inspired by others and share ideas and to hopefully inspire others with all the gifts that God has given me.

2. Do you frequent online forums?  If so how many do you visit regularly? (feel free to share their details) I am  a member of several homeschooling Yahoo groups and these are the only forums I visit regularly.

3. If you could visit anywhere, where would it be and why? I would love to visit Europe, specifically Italy  since my ancestors came from Sicily (my dad's grandparents) and Genoa and Naples (my mom's grandparents).  I would also love to take a pilgrimage to Rome and Vatican City.  It would be a blessing to visit these places as I continue my faith journey!

4. What is your number one thing be it tangible or not that you could not do without in your homeschool?  That's tough to narrow down to one thing.  I could not continue to homeschool if it wasn't for continued prayers, my husband's unconditional love and support, the hugs and kisses from my children, and the support I receive from the moms and their families in my local homeschool group and online.

5. Have you already started planning for Christmas?  I have bought a few things for my children and I am updating my Contact Manager with addresses to send out my Christmas cards through my SendOutCards online greeting card business.

So now I need to pass this tag onto others and I'm going to pass it on to the 15 blogs that I mentioned above for the Sweet Blog Award.

Here are a few questions that you can answer:
1.  (I'm copying Kylie's question #1)  Why do you blog?  What's the number one reason you keep on blogging?
2. What's your favorite holiday? Why?
3.  Have you ever met any of your blog followers in "real" life that you didn't know prior to blogging?
4.  Where is your favorite place to be with your family?

If you decide to answer my questions and tag others, let me know.  I look forward to seeing your answers! Also, have fun passing on your Sweet Blog Award onto other blogs!

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Kylie said...

This is great Tracy, thanks for joining in :-)

melismama said...

Thanks so much for my award! I will have time tomorrow to repost it on mine and answer your tag questions. Tonight is getting again!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog though "The Little House That Grew." I love your book shelf. I'll be back to visit. Nice to meet you:)

Patty said...

Aahh! Thanks, Tracy. That was sweet of you! That is a great list of blogs up there and I look forward to checking them each out.

It may take a eensy bit to get up my blog award...but I'll do it.

Tammy said...

You are so sweet...thanks so much! I love my award! :) I will try and get to this sometime this weekend. Have a great one...and thanks again, you made my day!

Lynda said...

Congratulations Tracy! Great answers to the "tagged" questions. I look forward to checking out the blogs you have chosen to pay forward the award. I voted for you on the PF (yeah, #4), and MB. Have a blessed day!

ModernMom said...

Opps! Don't think that comment worked:(

Loved poking around your blog today. So sweet!
Congrats on the award!
Oh and I too dream of seeing Europe. Le Sigh...

Tracy said...

Thanks Kylie for tagging me! It was fun to answer your questions and join in! Have a blessed weekend!

Tracy said...

HI Melissa!
Have fun passing on the award to other bloggers!
Have a good weekend!

Tracy said...

Hi Traci!
Thanks for your visit and comment! Have a blessed weekend!

Tracy said...

Hi Patty!
It's been fun passing on the award to your blog :)
I know it can take awhile to do posts so have fun if you get to it :)
Have a good weekend!

Tracy said...

Hi Tammy!
It's been fun passing on the award to your blog and others!
Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks so much for passing this lovely award on to me. I feel so honoured. You are just so wonderful for thinking of me. I want to thank you by returning this favour. I always love coming here, you are a great person...and I appreciate all the support you give me.

I am giving you the Stylish Blogger can find it here.


Tracy said...

HI Lynda!
Thanks for your continued support and visits :) I voted for you today also!
Hope you are having a blessed weekend!

Tracy said...

HI "Modern Mom"!
Thanks for your comment and visit :)
Maybe one day we'll get to see Europe :)
Have a blessed weekend!

Tracy said...

Hi Marie!
Thank you back for all the support you give me and my blog! You support so many blogs and I'm glad I was able to "thank you" for your encouragement!
Thank you also for the Stylish Blog Award! WOW! what an awesome surprise!
I clicked votes for you today too!
Have a blessed weekend!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much, Tracy! Congrats on your award and I look forward to sharing it with others in the future. I've been so busy with homeschooling and staying focused on keeping a peaceful, low stress home (limiting my time blogging) that I now have oodles of awards piling up that need to be posted about and passed on. I'm thinking maybe it'll get done over the next summer break. :) We are having a fantastic homeschool year though!!! Hope your homeschool year is going well too!

Lisa xoxo

Tracy said...

Hi Lisa!
It's great to hear from you again :) I'm glad your homeschool year is going so well! As you well know, our days are so busy and the weeks seem to be flying by as we try to fit it "all" in!
Have fun eventually passing on your awards and thank you for all your help and encouragement with my blog! :)

Have a good weekend!

melismama said...

Tracy, I am so sorry I have not had the time to repost this award. Things are crazy. I am trying hard to get ready to go out of town tomorrow with the kids, then we have CO cop on Wed and i leave for Relevant. I pray I get to was not unappreciated for sure! Thanks again!

Tracy said...

Hi Melissa!
Please do not apologize. I know how difficult it is to complete a blog "project" and not be able to do it because "real" life takes over, which is more important. Don't feel pressured to get the post up. If you get to it, great! If not, no big deal :) Have safe travels :)

melismama said...

Tracy, thanks so much for understanding! You rock! (FYI, I nominated you for a Homeschool Blog Award!)

Tracy said...

HI Melis!
Thanks for the nomination! :) I nominated you!

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